Career Development

As a student in the Department of Religious Studies at DU, you'll cultivate a deep foundational knowledge of global religious traditions as well as a range of practical skills that can help you pursue a career that inspires you. Classroom knowledge complements firsthand experience with religious communities and organizations, and you can augment your degree program with internship options that will teach you to put your skills to use to advance the public good.

Thanks to robust career advising services in the Department and across campus, you'll be positioned to transform your education into action. Careers in religious studies include roles across the public and private sectors, from international relations and government policy-making to nonprofit management, community development, journalism, social work and many other fields.

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Why Religious Studies?

Curious about what jobs a religious studies degree can unlock for you? Studying religious practices and traditions offers the chance to build sought-after communication skills, cultural competencies and practical research skills. Learn how religious studies can put you on the path toward a fulfilling career.

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Incoming DU students can apply for work-study during the main financial aid application process. Once students are approved by the University, they can contact us for available work-study positions within the Department of Religious Studies.

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Career Resources

In addition to career advising services available from the University, DU staff and faculty are here to help students find the career path that suits their passions.

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Many students participate in internships as part of their educational experiences in the Department of Religious Studies. Internships offer the chance to work within the Denver community and develop skills that will be useful in a range of career fields.

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