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Prepare for a Career that Connects You with Your Passions

In the Department of Religious Studies, our academic approach emphasizes career preparation and practical skills, grounded in deep theoretical training. While you study how religious traditions and histories shape politics and society, you'll also venture out to observe the lived experiences of religious communities in the Denver area, using our robust internship program to develop real-world communication skills and intercultural sensitivity.

We empower our students to conduct undergraduate research, and we support graduate students in pursuing independent research alongside faculty and peers. Our career advisors will help you translate those experiences into a career that inspires your interests and fuels your ambition. Join us and prepare for the future you've imagined.


Religious Studies Internship Program

An internship can unlock doors to career pathways you might not have imagined for yourself. Both graduate and undergraduate students can participate in internships at nonprofit, faith-based, educational, community action or nongovernmental entities. Designed to provide students with practical skills and a strong sense of professionalism and cultural understanding, our internships will help you bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications. Even better, internships are not limited to the Denver area, so you can follow your interests even if they take you away from campus. Internships can be taken for academic credit or as extracurriculars.

If you're interested in taking an internship, contact Assistant Professor of Buddhist Studies and Undergraduate Advisor Ben Nourse to discuss your goals and find the placement that's best for you.

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Sample Internships

St. Elizabeth's School

This Denver-based K-8 school nurtures academic, artistic and personal growth for students from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Denver Sister Cities International

Denver Sister Cities is a nonprofit organization that seeks to connect our city with diverse cultures around the world.

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This nonprofit organization coordinates deliveries of handmade textiles and blankets to communities in need around the globe.

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Work-Study Positions in Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies offers several work-study positions for students who have qualified through their financial aid applications. Students can apply to work as administrative assistants, social media coordinators, event workers, research aides and other roles. When you've received your approval for a work-study award, contact our department to apply for specific positions.

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Carolyn Sommers, Assistant Director of Career & Professional Development