Why Religious Studies

Degrees to Power Careers in Politics, Diplomacy, Law and Beyond

What can you do with a degree in religious studies? Thanks to our diverse curriculum and focus on experiential education in the Denver community, choosing a major or pursuing a graduate degree in religious studies can provide you the tools you need to pursue jobs across a wide range of fields. Beginning with a deep foundation of knowledge in the world's spiritual traditions, you'll expand your skills over the course of your time at DU to include original research, community-engaged learning and the option to pursue an internship with a relevant organization. Those firsthand experiences offer transformative perspective and practical abilities as you take what you've absorbed in the classroom and apply it to real-world problems in the Denver community and communities across the country and around the world. Our world-class faculty will guide you in our courses and as mentors, bringing our research insights and community connections into the classroom.

With those skills in hand, you'll emerge from DU with a religious studies undergraduate or graduate degree that has prepared you to flourish in your professional life, whatever path you take. Whether you're looking to enter the nonprofit realm as an organizational leader or community liaison or to make change through careers in public policy, diplomacy or law, you can get started in the Department of Religious Studies at DU.


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Careers in Religious Studies

Our graduates go on to careers in all walks of life, securing roles in private, public and nonprofit organizations. The communication, research, analytical and critical thinking skills you'll learn in our religious studies program will equip you for success in the field you choose, with experience from hands-on internships and community-engaged learning that will prepare you to launch into your career when you finish your degree.

In recent years, our alumni have thrived in careers as teachers, lawyers, consultants, case managers, digital communications managers, sustainability program managers, human resources directors and public policy directors. Read stories about religious studies alumni and their post-graduate pursuits.

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Useful Career Skills from Religious Studies

As a religious studies major, minor or graduate student, you'll learn to...

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    Communicate effectively and efficiently with a variety of individuals with excellent writing and speaking skills

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    Collaborate effectively to complete large tasks involving many people and work well independently with excellent time management

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    Coordinate and negotiate with individuals and organizations, and manage time during intricate projects

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    Identify complex real-world challenges and create solutions with objectivity and cultural sensitivity

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    Formulate and articulate creative solutions to complex problems

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    Understand, interpret and convey beliefs, practices and holidays from the world’s major religious traditions

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