Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Our diverse student community brings a range of perspectives and abilities to our language programs, and many students arrive on campus with unique experiences and exposure to Spanish. Our groundbreaking language program, designed to facilitate the transition into participating in academic and professional settings where Spanish is used, is specifically geared toward students who have a personal, familial or community connections to the language. Comprised of two courses taken in sequence, the heritage/bilingual speaker program helps students prepare for successful participation in culture and literature courses, research and internships.

“En nuestros cursos, estudiaremos y analizaremos contenido que se relaciona a nuestra experiencia como hispanohablantes en este país.”

Lina Reznicek-Parrado, Directora del Programa de Español para hispanohablantes

Student Goals in Spanish for Heritage Speakers

  • Academics

    Develop literacy, written and oral skills in Spanish appropriate for use in professional and academic settings

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    Build critical knowledge and skills related to variation, code-mixing and other cultural language applications

  • culture

    Explore and engage with U.S. Latinx culture and language

  • community

    Join a community of Spanish learners who share your goals and support your ambitions



Placement Testing and Advising

Heritage Speakers

If you speak Spanish at home with parents, siblings or extended family members and have personal ties to a Spanish-speaking community, you will complete the Spanish Heritage Language Assessment before enrolling in Spanish for Heritage Speakers (SPAN 2200).

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Experience Abroad

If you have significant experience studying Spanish abroad or have completed part of your education in a Spanish-speaking country, please contact program director Lina Reznicek-Parrado to determine whether Spanish for Heritage/Bilingual Speakers is the right fit for you.

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