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Explore the possibilities of theatre through classes in acting, directing, management, design, history, literature and more. DU theatre students do it all. You'll work closely with faculty, visiting directors and guest artists to experience every facet of the theatre production process. By the time you graduate, you'll be ready for any career that demands creativity, technical prowess and project-management experience.

Degree Programs

Rent Theatre production

Professionalism meets flexibility in our programs, readying you for any role that brings art to life. Theatre students explore sound design, performing, playwriting and everything in between. Majors create a senior capstone project to demonstrate their skills and see their potential vision realized onstage.

Students on DU Campus

All DU Students are Invited to Audition for Theatre Productions

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"The curriculum at DU teaches artists to work within all elements of the craft, whether it's design, stage management, shop, etc. What this education has then afforded me is my appreciation for everything that goes into making a show work. I now have a larger avenue through which I can enter the workplace and I can navigate and change what I'm doing to make something happen."

Anthony Adu, Theatre BA ('18) with Acting Distinction


Prospective Students

DU's Department of Theatre prides itself on small classes run by engaged faculty mentors. In the classroom and on the stage, you'll develop creativity, collaboration and leadership skills that are invaluable in any creative career.

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Current Students

Learn from seasoned professionals, then put this knowledge into practice through a variety of departmental productions, staged readings, capstone projects, guest artist workshops, professional intern partnerships and more.

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Theatre is an artistic home at the University of Denver where students are creative and collaborative leaders. From scholarships to community partnerships to hands-on theatre training, we provide a well-rounded student experience in the arts.

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Community and Visitors

The Department of Theatre presents two fully-realized productions each quarter, as well as Senior Capstone Projects produced each spring. We collaborate with local, regional and national partners to challenge and inspire the arts community.

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Faculty and Staff

Our faculty are dedicated mentors and practicing artists with a wealth of knowledge to share — all you have to do is ask. Faculty and staff are committed to giving students a personalized experience so they can excel creatively and academically.

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Graduates of the University of Denver's Department of Theatre go on to successful careers in acting, design, management, marketing, directing and more, both in Denver and around the world.

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