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Students in Action: Anthony Adu

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Alexis Robbins

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Anthony Adu

Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Anthony Adu is a graduate from DU's Department of Theatre (Class of '18  Cum Laude and with Acting Distinction  no big deal, right?). Now a professional actor in the Colorado theatre community, Anthony is preparing for the next big chapter. This fall, he will be moving to La Jolla, California to pursue his MFA in Acting at UC San Diego.

During his final summer in Colorado, Anthony scored two big gigs with the prestigious Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder, CO: Love's Labour's Lost (Moth) and Cyrano de Bergerac (Jodelet/Ensemble).

Working with Colorado Shakespeare Festival was a huge deal to Anthony  understandably so. "I have always wanted to work at CSF. It is truly a dream come true. I was invited to auditions in November 2017 and I went in for it, got a callback, and about a month later received a call asking me to be in the Outdoor Company for the 2018 season."

Anthony Adu

As a young actor, Colorado Shakespeare Festival is the ideal location to grow one's career, all while working with the best of the best. When asked about Anthony's favorite thing about performing with CSF, he was quick to mention, "The people and the location! These are some of the nicest, most hardworking people I've ever worked with. Everyone is at the top of their game because you have no reason to do less than your best. I've cultivated some amazing friendships within the company, people I see myself connected to beyond this summer and that is so awesome to have."

"In addition, performing outdoors adds elements to each show that make every night unique. You can always feel the wind on your face and you can't ignore the heat or rustling trees and it has taught me to stay in the moment. Plus, nothing is more exciting than playing a show in the rain."

Anthony Adu

As Anthony takes the necessary steps to advance his acting career outside of Colorado, he shares the benefit of receiving top-notch instruction and direction as a DU Theatre Major. "The curriculum at DU teaches artists to work within all elements of the craft, whether it's design, stage management, shop, etc. What this education has then afforded me is my appreciation for everything that goes into making a show work. We as actors can't take ourselves too seriously because without lighting, sound, costumes, a show wouldn't exist. I find that I now have a larger avenue through which I can enter the work place and I can navigate and change what I'm doing to make something happen."

Having recently graduated, Mr. Adu wanted to share some important advice for incoming Theatre freshman  so listen closely! This man knows what he's talking about.

Anthony Adu

"Attend every workshop and guest artist lectures. Seriously. You will thank yourself later. Your education at DU is so unique in that professors and alumni are deeply connected to the Denver theatre community and you will be getting professionals who will come in willing to share what they know. You will deeply regret not attending because these people will be your colleagues some day and more importantly, will teach you things you would have never known otherwise. Find what excites you about the craft and use the resources you have to learn more about it. That's why the professors are there. You have to use them. Also, be nice!"

We can't argue that Anthony Adu knows a thing or two when it comes to being a theatre professional so heed his advice, and you're sure to succeed. Best of luck on the West Coast, Anthony! We can't wait to see how far you'll go.