DU Ethnography Lab

A Catalyst for Ethnographic Collaborations

The DU Ethnography lab is a catalyst for interdisciplinary scholarship and learning opportunities surrounding ethnographic research through the ongoing collaboration among faculty, students and the broader community. The DU Ethnography Lab takes advantage of existing expertise across the University of Denver in order to support students’ goals and community partners’ needs.  

I want to understand the meaning of your experience, to walk in your shoes, to feel things as you feel them, to explain things as you explain them. Will you become my teacher and help me understand?

James P. Spradley Anthropologist

Ethnography requires one to look at the world in a visionary way: to see with one’s mind’s eye the subtle and hidden relationships that are not always visible on the surfaces, but discerned in the interaction of people and things.

Aditya Dev Sood Architect

We engage with other human beings through ethnography, using our ability to listen and observe carefully, empathetically, and compassionately in acts of solidarity and the work of recognition.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes Anthropologist

Once you invite ethnographic practices into the everyday way of doing things, it can be institutionally transformative... [It requires] the backing away from assumptions, it involves being uncomfortable with what is revealed.

Donna Lanclos Anthropologist

Ethnography is what you do when you try to understand people by allowing their lives to mold your own as fully and genuinely as possible.

Matthew Desmond Sociologist

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