Campus Archaeology

Using historical records, ground-penetrating radar technology and archaeological excavation, the Campus Archaeology initiative uncovers the many histories of DU’s campus grounds.

We are doing history in a way that’s not written down in the history books. We’re doing history by looking at the material record of people’s lives.

Larry Conyers, Anthropology Professor
archaeological artifact at du exhibit

MA students can pursue a concentration in archaeology.

The archaeology concentration draws together experiential learning in the field and museum, scholarly exploration, and independent research overseen by knowledgeable faculty.

Explore Archaeology at DU

Archaeology can shed light on the human experience of every era, even those seemingly well-documented historically. By investigating the remains of early 20th century housing, we hope to reveal the strategies of Denver residents as they responded to processes of urbanization and changing technology.

Professor Bonnie Clark, Department of Anthropology