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Ethnographic Research and Instructional Resources

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Alejandro Cerón

Associate Professor, Cultural Anthropology

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Our students and faculty incorporate ethnography into their research and projects. Learn more about their work through the presentations and instructional videos below.

Positionality in Research

Instructional Video

This instructional video—made for undergraduate students in the Writing Program's first year sequence—introduces three possibilities for positionality: researcher as observer, researcher as participant or in the case of autoethnography, researcher as self.

Ethnography in Pandemic

Experiential Ethnography

Three DU professors talk about their experience doing ethnographic research and teaching ethnographic methods during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Conversations in Disciplines

Educational Roundtable

The University Writing Program's annual roundtable conversation about research and writing practices stemming from a variety of traditions: qualitative, text based/interpretive and/or quantitative. 

Animal Healthcare Practices 

Experiential Ethnography

Alejandro shares his experience working on an ethnographic project about animal health care beliefs and practices, based on fieldwork he did in Guatemala, as part of collaborative work with veterinarians, microbiologists and epidemiologists. 

The Gravity of Permanence 

Experiential Ethnography

Zoi shares her experience working on an ethnographic project she did in spring 2019, as part of a course she took during her first year at DU.

Music Festivals & Community

Experiential Ethnography

Madeline shares her experience  working on an ethnographic project about music festivals, based on fieldwork she did in the summer of 2019, as part of her MA in Anthropology thesis project.

Food and Meaning

Experiential Ethnography

Lucor shares his experience  working on an ethnographic project about food and meaning, based on fieldwork he did in 2019, as part of his MA in Anthropology thesis project.

IRB Implications of Research

Educational Presentation

Ashleigh Ruerhdanz, a research compliance monitor at the DU Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, describes how Institutional Review Board (IRB) rules apply to ethnographic research.