Why Study Communication

A degree in communication studies not only offers you opportunities to study public discourse and communication ethics, interpersonal and family communication dynamics, and intercultural communication, but also prepares you for careers across many fields.

Communication helps create the type of world we wish to live in, and through our courses and learning opportunities you'll develop the skills and practices to make that world a reality. Whether you want to participate in debate and other civic communication, develop a research project with faculty exploring cultural communication, or pursue an internship to further connect your studies with your world, we're here to support your academic goals and help create change in our communities.

What Can I Do With A Communication Studies Degree?

As a communication studies major, you'll learn how to be an ethical member of your family, workplace and community as you learn to be an effective communicator.

Communication skills typically top the list of what hiring employers look for, followed by several other qualities which you'll put into practice in communications courses, including integrity, the ability to relate well to others, analytic abilities, leadership and teamwork skills, and the ability to articulate your ideas.

Communication studies majors can market themselves in nearly any career, and a number of careers tend to attract communication majors.

  • Public and Interpersonal Communication

    Teacher, clergy, negotiator, mediator (domestic or international), social worker, youth worker, counselor, psychologist

  • Law and Politics

    Lawyer, legislative aide, paralegal, legal assistant, elected official, campaign manager, speech writer, legislative or political aide, lobbyist, foreign service officer, translator

  • Writing and Publishing

    Writer/author, technical writer, greeting card writer, publisher, electronic publication specialist, proofreader, documentarian, editorial assistant

  • Labor and Community Advocacy

    Industrial and labor relations specialist, community action director, advocate/organizer

  • Banking and Real Estate

    Bank officer, stock broker, real estate agent/broker, claims adjuster/examiner, museum director, travel agent, hotel, restaurant and hospitality manager, special events coordinator

  • Business and HR

    Manager/administrator, credit manager, analyst, corporate communications director, planning director, development officer, human resources administrator/manager, personnel specialist, health services administrator, training and development presenter, interviewer, recruiter, recreation coordinator, public information officer, fund raiser

  • Customer Service and Sales

    Fashion merchandiser, retail manager, customer service representative, sales representative

student participates in debate

DU Debate

The Department of Communication Studies proudly sponsors the DU Debate Team, which competes in British parliamentary debate. DU debate attracts high caliber students from majors across campus. We carefully maintain a balance of travel on regional and national circuits to encourage the development of new debaters while maintaining our ability to compete at the highest national levels.

  • Debate Scholarships

    A limited number of debate scholarships are available, and while significant debate experience is preferred and encouraged, it is not necessary. However, if you don't have prior experience, you should discuss your goals and interests with Jeremy Johnson, director of debate, well in advance of your application.

    To apply for a debate scholarship, please send the following information to Jeremy Johnson:

    • A letter of application stating your interest and goals in participating in debate at DU. In this letter, include a statement of what kinds of time commitments you are willing to make.
    • A debate resume outlining your debate accomplishments.
    • A letter of recommendation from your high school (or other) debate coach under a separate cover letter.


    Materials should be submitted by March 15 to:

    Jeremy Johnson
    Department of Communication Studies
    University of Denver
    2000 East Asbury Avenue, Suite 387B
    Denver, CO 80208

Contact Us For More Information

"I decided to major in communications after reading the class requirements and descriptions my sophomore year. I took a gamble and registered for three communications classes in one quarter, and I fell in love immediately. Initially, I was drawn to communications for the culture aspect, and it seemed to line up nicely with my other major, psychology. They complimented each other, and my communications classes were able to look more in depth at the influence that culture has on social interactions and popular culture."

Paige Dvorak, BA '15, communication studies and psychology; MA '18, professional psychology