The Department of Communication Studies has been a pioneer in speech and communication studies since 1912. Our program takes full advantage of Denver's position as the Colorado capital, offering students excellent opportunities for a variety of internship opportunities and other community collaborations.

As you pursue a BA or minor in communication studies, you'll study a wide range of communication contexts and explore those that interest you most, from families and friendships to cross-cultural interactions, social movements and politics. You'll hone your practical communication skills as you learn the foundation of ethical and effective communication and apply these skills through internships and community-engaged learning opportunities.

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Why Communication Studies?

Communication plays a crucial role in shaping the world around us, from the most seemingly mundane interactions with friends and family, to presentations we give at work, to participation in democracy, to how we view ourselves and interact with communities and cultures. In all of these contexts, from interpersonal communication to transnational communication and more, communication matters.

Our courses help prepare you for future communication in your career by teaching skills that top the list of what hiring employers want in their new employees, including integrity, the ability to relate well to others, analytic abilities, leadership and teamwork skills, and the ability to articulate your ideas.

Although communication studies addresses phenomena and artifacts that pervade our everyday lives, examining, interpreting and critiquing these phenomena is not easy. In fact, it often leads you out of your comfort zone, asking you to look at the implications of the norms that govern communication in everyday life. Specifically, we encourage you to address issues such as race, class, gender and privilege and look at particular events, standpoints, artifacts and identities from a number of different angles. Our courses challenge you to personally reflect on and engage with your world.

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In your senior year, you can complete an internship in communication studies to apply the skills and knowledge you've developed during your major. Here are the criteria you'll need to meet to complete an internship:

  • Students interested in completing an internship during their senior year must have at least a 3.5 GPA.
  • Students must identify an internship that fits with their coursework and plan of study in the department.
  • Students must identify a faculty member in the department to advise the internship whose expertise provides relevant knowledge to the purpose of the internship.

In order to be accepted into the internship program, you'll need to complete an application. Applications are due to Cris Tietsort, PhD, before the end of the second week of the quarter before your scheduled internship. For fall internships, please submit your materials by the last day of the spring quarter preceding the fall quarter when you will do the internship.