Our accelerated dual-degree program allows students to gain a solid grounding in economics, examine both mainstream and alternative theories, and advance their research as they simultaneously pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees. We teach students to critically evaluate economic theory so that they can influence policy discussions as a means to positively shape our world. Within our program, students can study a range of specific economic and social policy issues of greatest interest to them. The MS requires completing a policy-oriented internship or taking a comprehensive exam to demonstrate that they can apply what they have learned.

The analytical skills, ability to think outside the box and preparation to conduct insightful research helps prepare our graduates for careers with governmental agencies, policy research organizations, the business sector or within Denver's thriving startup and renewable energy sectors.

What You Will Learn

DU's economics program is unique in its approach. Here are some of the ways we bring economics to life in the classroom.

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    We take a broader view of the discipline than the average U.S. economics program.

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    We regard the economy as one element of a complex society, so we situate economics as a social science at the center of multiple social factors.

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    We present alternative perspectives on and historical context for today’s most pressing questions facing economists.

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    We encourage students to examine and question “received knowledge” to build their critical thinking and writing skills.

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    We emphasize written assignments and critical thinking in our assessment of student performance as a powerful complement to the quantitative analysis skills students develop while studying economics.

Degree Requirements

  • For the dual-degree program, students will need to complete both the undergraduate and graduate level requirements, which total 208 credits minimum.
  • Students will complete a minimum of 45 credits at the graduate level.
  • A minimum grade of B- is needed in each of the required courses.
  • Students will choose to complete either a policy-oriented internship or pass a comprehensive exam.
Chiara Piovani

Chiara Piovani

Associate Professor

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Juan Carlos Goethe Lopez

Juan Carlos Goethe Lopez

Associate Professor

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Yavuz Yasar

Yavuz Yasar


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Learn more about advancing your skills and career potential with our dual-degree program in Economics and Social Policy.

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Applying to the Economics & Social Policy 4+1

The Economics & Social Policy MS is only available as a dual-degree program in combination with the BA in Economics. Current undergraduate students at the University of Denver pursuing the BA in Economics as a declared first or second major may apply. To apply, at least 20 credits of economics courses must be completed with a 3.5 or greater. The application must be submitted before the end of the first quarter as a senior (before 135 credits have been completed).

To indicate your interest in the Economics & Social Policy MS, please contact our director of graduate studies, Yavuz Yasar, or the chair of the department, Markus Schneider.

Application Information