The stackable Graduate Certificate of Economics is designed for students interested in specializing or expanding their understanding of economics by taking graduate-level courses without having to commit to a two-year master’s program. It gives students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, as well as explore special topics of interest such as urban economics, econometrics, health economics, international economics, development economics, environmental economics, gender economics, macroeconomics or finance. Whether your goals are professional or personal we will work with you to build the most appropriate coursework plan.

Our departmental emphasis on mainstream and alternative economic theories, building out practical skillsets and applying knowledge to help analyze current events make this an excellent first step for anyone interested in boosting their credentials and expanding their professional opportunities.

The Graduate Certificate in Economics Offers:

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    We take a broader view of what the discipline is about than what's found in the average U.S. economics program.

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    We regard the economy as one element of a complex society, so we situate economic study at the center of multiple social factors.

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    We present alternative perspectives on the historical and present-day relevance of our material.

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    Our elective courses focus on current economic issues and related social policy.

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    Students can customize 75% of the curriculum to fit with their interests and goals through their selection of core theory and elective courses.

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Graduate Certificate Requirements

Students will complete a minimum of 16 credits for the degree. This can be accomplished in as little as two quarters.

  • ECON 4050 "Origins of Modern Economics" for four credits
  • Either ECON 4020 "Advanced Macroeconomic Theory" or ECON 4030 "Advanced Microeconomic Theory" for four credits
  • Two 3000-level graduate electives of your choice for eight credits

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