The DU Prison Arts Initiative

"Arts involvement lets incarcerated students be part of something larger than themselves again. From that space comes the opportunity to create healing for self and community, which opens up possibility for transformation in people, spaces and systems."

Dr. Ashley Hamilton Executive Director of DU PAI
ashley hamilton

"This (DU PAI) workshop opened me up to realize how much I have changed through my incarceration. I’ve realized that I locked up the best parts of me years ago. I’ve been in a prison, while in prison. This class has helped release the best part of me and I hope to share that with the world."

DU PAI Incarcerated Student
incarcerated actors performing in the christmas carol

Our Work

Theatre performances, audio content, dance workshops, art exhibitions, and film screenings are just some of the ongoing initiatives we offer across Colorado and beyond. Our programs deliver arts-based experiences that are educational, therapeutic, and reflective. By facilitating dialogue and empowering individuals to tell their stories, we build communities that are changing the conversation about prison.

Prison arts workshop
Christmas Carol

Your support helps create learning experiences that enrich lives across Colorado and beyond.