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Creating Opportunities for Incarcerated People

The University of Denver's Prison Arts Initiative partners with facilities across Colorado to imagine, develop and implement ways for incarcerated people to express themselves and transform their communities. From arts workshops and family events, to educational courses, media outlets and public performances, these collaborations are shifting whose perspectives are included in conversations about incarceration. As DU PAI continues to expand, we're working hard to rotate program offerings and reach participants in even more facilities.

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The ability to speak, the ability to be proud of what I have to offer—yes, I know that will take me very far in my life.

DU PAI Incarcerated Participant

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Arts-Based Courses

We provide therapeutic arts-based programming that builds collaborative communities and empowers individuals’ creative voices. Our workshops include creative writing, ensemble theatre, arts and spirituality, and more.

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Chained Voices Fine Arts Show

"Chained Voices" is an advocacy and empowerment art show based in Denver. The show is a collaborative effort created on behalf of incarcerated artists in Colorado. The "Chained Voices" committee is comprised of community members, the DU Prison Arts Initiative, forensic social workers, public and private defense attorneys, community organizers and family members of incarcerated people.

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Inside Wire: Colorado Prison Radio

Created by incarcerated media producers for incarcerated listeners, Inside Wire amplifies the voices of those living and working in prisons across Colorado. We invite listeners outside facilities to shift their understanding of prison in the U.S. by tuning in.


LuxLit Press

"LuxLit Press" highlights the writing of artists who are incarcerated by publishing their work and making it available to the community. We seek to spark new understandings for people inside and out.

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Theatre Productions

With a cast and crew composed of incarcerated people, all design and technical elements of DU PAI performances are created inside. Through collaboration between DU PAI and the Department of Corrections, participants bring their performances to public and incarcerated audiences.

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"With(in)" Podcast

DU PAI's podcast brings together voices from Sterling Correctional Facility, Denver Women's Correctional Facility, and the Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center in order to shift the conversation about prison through meaningful dialogues.

  • Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility

    12750 CO-96
    Ordway, CO 81034

    The Right to Speak: Finding Your True Voice
    This 12-week course is taught by Luciann Lajoie.

  • Buena Vista Correctional Facility

    15125 Highway 24 & 285
    Buena Vista, CO 81211

    Introduction to Art Making
    This 12-week workshop is taught by Molly Ott.

  • Centennial Correctional Facility

    PO BOX 600
    Canon City, CO. 81215-0600

    Introduction to Art Making
    This 12-week workshop is taught by Molly Ott.

  • Colorado State Penitentiary

    50 Evans Road
    Cañon City, CO 81212

    Introduction to Theatre Practices
    This 12-week course cultivates curiosity through games, improvisation and movement exercises that are honest, fun, thoughtful and invigorating.

  • Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility

    1275 W. US Highway 50
    Cañon City, CO 81212

    Introduction to Theatre Practices
    This 12-week workshop is taught by Clare Hammoor.

  • Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center

    10900 Smith Road
    Denver, CO 80239

    Introduction to Improvisation
    "Introduction to Improvisation" is taught by Kerstin Caldwell and is a 12-week course.

  • Denver Women's Correctional Facility

    3600 Havana Street 
    Denver, CO 80239

    Inside Wire: Colorado Prison Radio
    A studio location for DU PAI's statewide radio station, Inside Wire: Colorado Prison Radio.

  • Four Mile Correctional Facility

    E. US Highway 50 & Evans Road
    Cañon City, CO 81212

    Foundations of Performance and Public Speaking
    A 12-week course taught by Jessie Datino.

  • Fremont Correctional Facility

    E. US Highway 50 & Evans Road
    Cañon City, CO 81215

    The Inside Report; Introduction to Art Making
    "The Inside Report" is our Colorado Department of Corrections statewide newspaper. The 12-week, "Introduction to Art Making" course is taught be Molly Ott.

  • La Vista Correctional Facility

    1401 W. 17th Street
    Pueblo, CO 81003

    Universe Within
    Universe Within is a devised theatre and playwriting project based on our Arts in Society grant, "Sojourn: The Search."

  • Limon Correctional Facility

    49030 State Hwy 71 South
    Limon, CO 80826

    Inside Wire: Colorado Prison Radio; Production of Antigone; Moving Meditations: Introduction to Dance and Choreography
    Limon is the hub studio for DU PAI's statewide radio station, Inside Wire. Limon's production of the classic tragedy, "Antigone," includes an in-house band. The 12-week course, “Moving Meditations: Intro to Dance and Choreography” begins late-April.

  • Sterling Correctional Facility

    12101 Hwy 61
    Sterling, CO 80751

    If Light Closed Its Eyes; With(in); Reverberations; Inside Wire: Colorado Prison Radio
    Incarcerated students are the driving force behind our interview-based theatre play, If Light Closed Its Eyes; our podcast, With(in); and the literary magazine, Reverberations. Sterling is also host to one of DU PAI's Inside Wire studios.

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