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DU PAI in the Media


Inmate-produced radio station streams beyond prison walls


Incarcerated producer finds purpose in running a radio station from prison


Colorado will have the 1st statewide prison radio station in US history

Denver Gazette

In a prison, live theater lights up the dark

The New York Times

How a Prison Play Goes on Tour

Today News

She hadn't seen her dad at Christmas in about 10 years. A prison musical changed that

Colorado Times Recorder

A Push to Change Colorado’s Prison Culture and Perceptions — One Art Piece at a Time

Denver Gazette

'Godspell': The story of Jesus, told in a prison

The Colorado Sun

DU’s Prison Arts Initiative navigated COVID to create “Tell It Slant”

The Colorado Independent

Women inmates get time with families and ‘sense of normalcy’ in DU arts program

Colorado Public Radio

Colorado Inmates Take ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ On Tour, And Discover Theater As Rehabilitation

5280 Magazine

Incarcerated Women Star in the Newman Center’s Most Anticipated Holiday Performance, A Christmas Carol

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