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Through creative writing, theatre and other arts workshops, we build collaborative communities that serve as spaces for therapeutic healing and innovative thinking. Our workshops range from six to 40 sessions across 10 facilities within the Colorado Department of Corrections: Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center, Denver Women's Correctional Facility, Sterling Correctional Facility, Limon Correctional Facility, Buena Vista Correctional Facility, Four Mile Correctional Facility, Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility, Fremont Correctional Facility, and La Vista Correctional Facility.

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Arts throughout all of the history of humanity have given us the human experience in a way that can be felt. We can feel each other's emotions that way. And I think through bringing that into prison it's allowing other people to heal who have never had an opportunity to.

DU PAI Incarcerated Participant

Past Creative Projects

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