Inside Wire: Colorado Prison Radio

The first statewide prison radio station in the U.S., by and for incarcerated people

Inside Wire: Colorado Prison Radio beams music, stories, news and entertainment into prisons across Colorado—and broadcasts its sounds to listeners outside facilities as well, across the U.S. and beyond. Our programs are created by incarcerated media producers for incarcerated listeners, amplifying the diverse voices, stories and creations of those living and working inside the walls. 

Inside Wire broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering companionship, hope, play and the potential for positive change for creators and audiences alike inside prison. At the same time, Inside Wire invites listeners outside facilities to shift their understanding of prison in the U.S. by tuning in. One producer and one listener at a time, Inside Wire fosters connection and community, cultivates joy and reflection, and empowers possibility and the restoration of justice. 

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Three Ways to Tune In

Making Inside Wire

Get a glimpse into the Inside Wire studios behind the walls, and learn more about how our producers are sharing stories with listeners inside and outside of prison facilities. 

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Meet the team and learn more.

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