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Our gender and women's studies program is deeply interdisciplinary and we organize many events in collaboration with community and campus partners each year. Our faculty and students also share their research through conferences, academic journals and news media, contributing to public conversations about sexuality, race and gender in the U.S. and around the world.

Faculty Research News

"Avon, Race, and Capitalism"

Teaching Associate Professor Lindsey Feitz, PhD, recently presented at the Hagley Museum and Library as part of the conference Avon: An International Forum On Its Archive. Feitz's talk, "Avon, Race, and Capitalism," analyzed how Avon navigated issues of race and racial discord in the 1960s.

Watch the Presentation

"The 'Motherhood Penalty': COVID's Impact on Working Women"

Lindsey Feitz, PhD, spoke to DU's RadioEd podcast about working and mothering during the COVID-19 pandemic.


"Lost and Found Voices: Four Gay Male Writers in Exile"

This forthcoming book by Luc Beaudoin, PhD, looks at how four gay male writers have found their queer voices in cultures (and often languages) that are not their own. Given that émigré diasporas emphasize the future — future generations, future cultures — how do these men, whose identities are so bound to the present, navigate the tensions between their own pasts and futures? The book focuses on Witold Gombrowicz, Valerii Pereleshin, Abdellah Taïa and Slava Mogutin.

“Le corps poétique russe: masculinisme, féminisme, critique queer et genre,”

Luc Beaudoin, PhD, published “Le corps poétique russe: masculinisme, féminisme, critique queer et genre,” in Comment faire des études-genre avec de la littérature: Masquereading, edited by Guyonne Leduc and published by l’Harmattan in 2014. Beaudoin's chapter queers contemporary Russian poetry through the lens of Russia’s contemporary political and cultural dynamics. If queer voices are silenced for the most part, how can there be a queer poetics?

Past Events

  • Spring 2021

    May 12, 2021: Faculty Research Talk

    Dheepa Sundaram, a Department of Religious Studies faculty member and Gender & Women's Studies affiliated faculty member, gave a talk called:, “Hate Mail/Male: Negotiating Online Intimidation in Social Media Spaces.” In the last thirty minutes, participants discussed the role of higher education institutions, including DU, in better supporting and protecting faculty who experience online harassment.

    Watch the video recording on our Google drive.


    March 18, 2021: Senior Research Showcase

    Each year, Gender & Women's Studies (GWST) seniors share their senior capstone research projects with the GWST community at the end of winter quarter. This year our seniors presented their research in an online form with an audience that included GWST students, faculty, friends and family. Their research ranged from projects that examined gender and racial inequities in the legal field to feminist critiques of horror movies , artificial intelligence, indigenous mining and more.

    View a recording of the meeting; access passcode is hv2.Y1*b

  • Spring 2017

    March 7, 2017: Reading "Middlemarch" in the Trump Era

    The Department of Religious Studies, the Department of English and Literary Arts, Gender and Women's Studies, and the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures hosted "Reading 'Middlemarch' in the Trump Era," a talk by Tatiana Kuzmic, PhD. This event was free and open to the public.

    Tatiana Kuzmic obtained her PhD in comparative literature from the University of Illinois and has taught at the University of Texas. She is currently a visiting research fellow in the Department of Cultural Studies at Strossmayer University in Croatia and her newest project explores appropriations of Tolstoy in post-Yugoslav fiction. She is the author of "Adulterous Nations: Family Politics and National Anxiety in the European Novel" (Northwestern University Press, 2016). She will use her work on the European novel to discuss the gendered imagery of the contemporary political situation.