Why Study Media and Communication?

Putting Learning into Action

In-depth knowledge and practical experience come together in our programs, where you'll develop the skills necessary for a range of careers — from film, television and podcasting to public relations, marketing, reporting, political communication, social media management, health communication and more.

In the classroom and through our unique internship program, you'll sharpen your analytical skills and enhance your artistic expression. Given our location in the attractive and thriving city of Denver, you'll have many opportunities to apply your skills with the not-for-profit and social justice organizations that partner with our program in experiential learning opportunities, as well as complete internships and projects with corporate and government organizations.

Changing the World

We're dedicated to making a difference in today's world through media research and creation. Our students are leaders who provide a journalistic voice for the DU campus through The Clarion, craft strategic communication campaigns with an international reach, produce films covering relevant topics and more. 

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Global Awareness

From our Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media to individual student and faculty projects, we recognize communication's global reach. We prepare you for socially- and culturally-aware engagement with cutting-edge media on an international scale.

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What You'll Learn

Critical Thinking and Writing

Critical Thinking and Writing

In our classes, you learn to think critically about media messages you’re receiving every day, and about the way those messages are shaping both what we think and how we behave. You also consider the distribution systems that brought those messages to you, like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Netflix, and you consider what authority and rights those systems should have over the messages that you and others send and receive.



In our department we want you to be able to express and advocate for your ideas and we’ll give you many opportunities to work as an individual and with teams to develop your skills in visual, audio, print and digital formats.


Methods to Navigate Challenging Communication Situations

Studying media also prepares you to communicate effectively and respectfully in differing communities around the world. In our classes you learn about how inequalities are amplified and how privilege shapes both what is said and who can and cannot say it — so that your own communication will be clear and compelling.


Get a Head Start on Your Career

Explore our internship program, which sends students across Denver and around the globe.


Career Paths

  • Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing

    Our graduates are ready to jump into the fast-paced world of public relations, advertising and marketing, creating passionate storytelling and implementing strong brand management. Alumna Surbhi Kamboj, who graduated from the Media and Public Communication MA in 2018, is now the Marketing and Social Responsibility Coordinator at Denver Botanic Gardens.

  • Journalism and Media (Print, Online, Television, Radio)

    Students have plenty of opportunities to research and write across legacy platforms such as television, print and radio, and on digital platforms including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Alumna Nicole Eldridge ('15) went on to work for the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

  • Information Technology

    Alumna Sehra Eussufzai (MS '97) is a global brand, communications and marketing head with expertise ranging from artificial intelligence, business analytics and cloud computing to blockchain, IoT, and social and mobile apps.

  • Nonprofit, Education and Health

    Sarah Kolb ('16) and Jane Johnson ('11) are alumni who have utilized their MFJS skills in nonprofits. Meghan Sobel ('10) is now an associate professor at Regis University researching sex trafficking and human rights in the media. Whether handling daily operations, spearheading new initiatives or using their research and teaching for the public good, graduates will be prepared for a range of roles in the nonprofit sector. 

  • Film and Video Production

    Film majors go to work in Hollywood, New York and in cities around the world, in studios, creative agencies and production companies of all sizes. Film studies and production majors like Vincent De La Torre ('13) have created award-winning films. More recent graduates Oanh Le ('17), Marteene Diaz ('17), Stephan Wisnoski ('17) and Maureen Maloney ('17) have started their own film production companies. 

  • International and Intercultural Communication

    Graduates will be prepared for a wide range of careers that require international and intercultural communication. Our graduates use their skills in diplomatic and U.S. international policy roles to support work of multinational non-profits, businesses and more. Bob Roberts (MA '98) became the head of Acme Aid Incorporated, Agnes Christeler ('03) went on to be the Head of Political and Economic Affairs at the Embassy of Switzerland in Myanmar, Kim Chariscaden ('07) was a Communications Officer at the World Health Organization and is now a Senior Communications Consultant at UNICEF,  and Mark Hagar ('09) is a Resettlement Program Supervisor for Refugee Services of Texas.

  • Government and Political Communication

    From local and state positions, to roles at national and international scales, our graduates prepare for a range of communication careers in government and politics. Alumna Dominique Jackson ('09) is a State Representative for House District 42 in Aurora.

  • Sports Communication

    Our graduates are equipped for careers in sports writing, reporting and broadcasting. Blake Foeman ('13) and Connor McGahey ('07) have gone on to work for ESPN and the Denver Broncos.