Research & Creative Works

Faculty and Student Engagement

From books, articles and multimedia journalism to photo and video exhibits and multimedia projects, our faculty and students are experimenting with how media can make a difference in our communities. Dedication to both addressing today’s communication challenges and exploring creative possibilities is what unites our endeavors. We bring our work into the world through publications, conferences, symposia and showcases that span the globe.

Faculty Leadership in Research and Creative Works

Our faculty lead the way with media research and journalism that embraces mutuality to address the concerns of local and global communities. As active researchers and media-makers, they regularly publish and exhibit their work on campus and across international platforms.

How Students Make a Difference through Research and Creative Works

Our undergraduate and graduate students take learning beyond the classroom as they produce research reports, communication plans, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, short films, social media campaigns, and collaborations with community organizations.

students in du cinematography class

Opportunities for Students

Have you always wanted to produce a podcast, shoot and edit films, cover breaking news? How about doing this work abroad or as part of an internship? In the classroom and beyond, we offer a range of career-building opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. 

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Estlow Center

For more than 25 years, we've been honored to house the Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media. The Center contributes to the public good by improving our understanding of how people make meaning out of journalism, digital media and popular entertainment.

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Project DU F.I.L.M.

Project DU F.I.L.M. (Film Initiative Linking Mentors) brings together faculty, professional alumni and students from all majors to create, promote and distribute films. Students gain valuable professional experience while developing an understanding of industry-wide inequities, which is why we place special emphasis on populating our cast and crews with people from historically underrepresented groups.

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Faculty Specializations

  • Strategic Communication

    Our faculty are leading thinkers in branding, public relations, social media campaigns, health communication, global and global and political communication, media law, messaging and audience research.

  • Media Studies

    As scholars and creators, we think deeply about the messages you are receiving every day, and about the way those messages are shaping both what we think and how we behave. We work with students to explore the social, cultural, political and economic contexts of media; the entrenched digital distribution systems and the related implications for law and for freedom of speech; and the emergent opportunities for experimental film, digital video, citizen journalism, data justice, and critical artificial intelligence.

  • Film Studies and Production

    With expertise in gender, race, and Indigenous film criticism, LGBTIQ film, environmental film, comedy, documentary, and original screenplays, we work with students to experiment with and produce film and video artifacts that push the boundaries and encourage our students to take risks.

  • Journalism Studies

    Our journalism faculty involve students in cutting-edge research on combatting fake news and disinformation campaigns, exploring new business models for local journalism, amplifying youth citizen and sustainability journalism, and supporting investigative and multilingual reporting across differing cultural contexts.