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2022 InShort Student Showcase

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Media, Film & Journalism Studies

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InShort Student Film Showcase Logo

Join the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies for our annual InShort Student Film Showcase!

This year we are highlighting our students' narrative work along with a series of music videos produced by students in our new Music Video Creation course.

Join us before the screening for a reception celebrating our student filmmakers, soon-to-be graduates and student award winners. 

What: InShort Student Film Showcase
When: Thursday, June 9, 2022
Reception: 5 p.m.
Screening: 6–8 p.m.
Where: Sturm Hall, University of Denver
Reception: Room 286
Screening: Davis Auditorium (Room 248) 

Please RSVP here by the end of the day on Monday, June 6. 

Narrative Films

Black and white still image from Lemonade. A young black man in a suit and holding a briefcase sits in front of a lemonade stand. The lemonade in its pitcher and the letters on the sign on the stand are yellow, and the sign reads "When life gives you lemons. . ."

Lemonade: On the brink of losing his relationship, a depressed, young man finds help from one of the most unlikely of sources: the girls who run the neighborhood lemonade stand. 
By Samantha Hickerson, Cole Johnson, Sam Pacala, Zyann Rodgers, Leif Soderberg and Bella White


Orchid film poster. The title of the film and the names of the production team are listed in the foreground. The backdrop is a photo of a purple orchid with an ace of spades tucked into its leaves.

OrchidTrying to move on from the regrettable death of her younger sister, Jess Thompson is forced to confront the haunting guilt she feels when an old flame unexpectedly shows up, igniting painful memories. 
By Lauryn Butler, Patric Drzaic, Haley Rimblas, Sophie Van Winkle and Bella Zafer




Party Quest film poster. A man stands in the foreground outside at night, looking into the distance. A group of people stand facing away from him in the background, lit by a porch light. .

Party Quest: In order to get the girl of his dreams, a college student with Autism embarks on an epic adventure: a party. It's just as bad as he thinks it'll be -- until maybe it isn't. 
By Rachel Birnkrant, David Freyre, Keira O'Neill and Debora Rocha


Bird of Paradise film poster. Shows the head and shoulders of a young white women with light brown hair pulled back who is looking up and to the left at three tiny illustrated birds. The film title is  listed at the bottom. The text at the top reads "Starring Karis Peterson."

The Bird of Paradise: A colorful look into a lost girl's search for self-acceptance as she learns to find her wings. 
By Aaron Butwinick, Davis Mawer, Maggie Mitchell, Sean O'Connor, David Painter and Devon Weigers








Music Videos

Cover art for Anika Erickson's "Oyster" -- a popart image of the name Anika in purple, red, and orange, set in a yellow circle with a rainbow edge.

"Oyster" by Anika Erickson 
Production Team: Cole Johnson, Delaney O'Brien, Chase Spurbeck and Lauren Zilka




Cover art for Antibroth's "Elephant Walk" -- A collage of faces, food, and recipes, with the title of the song and band

"Elephant Walk" by Antibroth 
Production Team: Nolan Deck, Connor Mokrzycki, Sam Pacala and Jack Saroni




Cover art for Clog's "Night of the Worms" -- a photo of a guitar with the solar system painted on it.

"Night of the Worms" by Clog 
Production Team: Halle Cohen, Hannah Hiatt, Grace Kapsimalis and Maggie Mitchell




Cover art for Bleak Mystique's "Let's Pretend" -- a drawn red heart with blue eyes crying a cascade of blue tears

"Let's Pretend" by Bleak Mystique 
Production Team: Aaron Butwinick, Davis Mawer, Chloe Smith and Bella Zafer