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Flexible Degree Leads to Multiple Career Options

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Media, Film & Journalism Studies

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Victoria is a 2018 graduate of the International & Intercultural Communication program. She now works for Great Outdoors Colorado as their Communications Officer. 

Victoria Watson

What is your current position and what do you love about it?
I am the Communications Officer for Great Outdoors Colorado, which is an organization that takes a portion of the state's lottery proceeds and reinvests those funds back into Colorado's open spaces, trails, rivers, parks, and playgrounds. Since 1992, our organization has invested more than $1.2 billion into projects across all 64 counties in Colorado. As a Comms Officer, my day to day varies greatly, but my core duties are to manage: external communications/marketing, performance reports/publications, social media channels, partnerships and relationship building, public relations, website maintenance and SEO, and to manage interns.

How did your Master's degree prepare you for what you are doing now?
The IIC program was exactly the type of degree track I was looking for, specifically the program's flexibility and balance between media/film/journalism and international studies. Because I was able to take a wide range of courses that allowed me to study through various lenses and schools of thought, I feel confident in my ability to work in many different roles and industries. During my time in the IIC program, I was able to take classes ranging from global politics, policy, and economics to analytical and critical rhetoric, strategic messaging, and intercultural communications.

What are your long-term goals?
My long term goal is to eventually work abroad as a consultant within the communications industry. I have a passion for traveling and would love to be able to marry my career with my wanderlust.

What was your favorite thing about your graduate experience at the University of Denver?
My favorite thing about my graduate experience was the amazing connections and relationships I formed with my cohort, colleagues, and professors. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with and learned from so many brilliant and talented individuals.

What advice do you have for prospective students who are thinking about getting a Master's degree in International & Intercultural Communication at DU?
The IIC program is not your average program. It allows you to build and tailor your concentration through a variety of courses. The staff and faculty bring a wide range of experience and knowledge to the program, which adds to the richness of discussions and collaborative learning. I also had many opportunities to travel abroad and gain invaluable field experience