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Internship Spotlight: Digital Marketing

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Media, Film & Journalism Studies

Lance Clem 2023 Summer Internship

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Every year, a student in the MFJS department receives an award to help fund their summer internships through the Lance Clem Program. Lance Clem (BA '72), a Media, Film, and Journalism Studies alumnus and longtime public policy advocate, established this internship program for future MFJS students through his estate upon his passing in 2016. The 2023 Lance Clem awardee shared her summer internship experiences with us below.

Rachel Birnkrant, Senior Film Studies Major


This summer I had the privilege of being the Digital Marketing Intern at the Denver based digital marketing agency, Throughout the course of the internship, I embarked an incredible journey of learning, deepening my understanding and knowledge of digital marketing. My role specifically and how I spent most of my time, was drafting creative content for their clients ranging from social media posts, graphic design, video editing, etc.

My biggest responsibility was creating captivating and strategic graphic content. Aside from my graphic design skills improving greatly, I have learned how to target specific audiences and how to stay up to date on the trends and best practices in digital advertising. I also now have an understanding of the backend practices that go along with digital marketing and all the steps that take place between making a piece of content to it actually being posting as an ad. Once the ad has been posted, I learned how to know if a piece of content is performing well based on its cost per lead and when to pull an ad based on lack of engagement.

My video editing projects I have worked on for their clients have also taught me a lot and improved my professional editing skills. There were often clients who had requests with very little turnaround time which helped me learn how to thrive in a high stress environment. I also had the pleasure of being a videographer at some of their recent video shoots up in Summit County where I got to see all the ins and outs of a professional video shoot.

Some other roles I have had this summer have been helping execute mass text messaging campaigns, writing case studies for the website, and conducting research on potential clients, products, and best practices.

Overall this internship was an amazing experience that has taught me so much. I am sincerely thankful for being honored with the Lance Clem Scholarship. The opportunity to earn credit for my internship while having my summer tuition and class expenses covered is a tremendous blessing, and I am truly appreciative.