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MFJS Showcase: Fall 2022

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Media, Film & Journalism Studies

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Student & Alumni Updates

  • Grace Ganz (BA '22) and Kelly Fegan received Silver in the Telly Awards for Best Social Video for their DU Media piece "Crisis averted: Inside the Life of a Young Crisis Hotline Worker." Watch the video
  • Grace Ganz (BA '22) received Bronze in the Telly Awards for Best Social Video for her DU Media piece, "A day without men? Imagine that." Watch the video
  • Lauryn Butler (BA '22), Patrick Drzaic, Haley Rimblas, Sophie Van Winkle, and Bella Zafer screened their short narrative film Orchid at the Los Angeles Reel Recovery Film Festival.
  • Rachel Birnkrant, David Freyre, Kiera O'Neill (BA '22), and Debora Rocha's short narrative film Party Quest has been accepted to the following film festivals:
    • AS Film Festival
    • New Filmmakers Film Festival

Faculty & Staff Updates

  • Professor Lynn Schofield Clark: 
    • Co-organized (with colleagues from Sodertorn University in Sweden) a one-day international preconference on youth and news in Paris as part of the annual meeting of the International Communication Association. Scholars were in attendance from Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Europe, and North America.
    • Has been invited to serve as the International Academic Advisor for the EU-funded Youth, News, and Digital Citizenship Project based at the Universidade Lusofona de Porto, Portugal
    • Is a member of the International Advisory Board for the EU-funded 'Platforming Families - Tracing digital transformations in everyday life across generations' (PlatFAMs),’ based at the University of Oslo, Norway and the London School of Economics, U.K.
    • The SIU School of Journalism and WSIU Public Broadcasting channel are working together to pilot a youth news bureau modeled on her book (with Regina Marchi), Young People and the Future of News (Cambridge U Press 2017). Regina and Lynn are both serving as consultants on their project.
  • Assistant Professor Carlos Jimenez, Jr. and Professor Lynn Schofield Clark have published two articles: 
    • Carlos Jimenez Jr. & Lynn Schofield Clark (2022), “BIPOC youth’s TikTok and Instagram usage to create productive disruptions in the U.S.” In The Routledge Handbook of Media Education Futures Post-Pandemic, Routledge Press, edited by Yonty Friesem, Usha Raman, Igor Kanizaj, & Grace Y. Choi.
    • Carlos Jimenez Jr., Yolanda Anyon, Lynn Schofield Clark and Heather Kennedy (2022), "The Benefits of Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Community-Engaged Research: Insights From a Study of Digital Storytelling With Marginalized Youth," in Journal of Community Engagement Scholarship.
      • This article was selected by the Journal of Community Engagement Scholarship Editorial and Advisory Boards for inclusion in the Anthology Issue for Volume 14 (top articles of the year).
  • Visiting Professor of the Practice Julian Rubinstein presented his documentary film, The Holly, at the Breck Film Festival. The film will also be screened at the Denver Film Festival in early November. 
  • Adjunct Professor Robert Sanchez has three feature stories in the October, November and December issues of 5280 Magazine, and is writing a February 2023 story for Sports Illustrated.
  • Professor Sheila Schroeder: 
    • Will present her short film, Judy, Judy, Judy, at the Denver Film Festival in early November. The film has also been screened at the following festivals: 
      • Women's Comedy Festival, Chicago
      • Prague International Indie Film Festival
      • Portland Comedy Film Festival
      • Vancouver International Film Festival
      • Wine, Women and Film Festival
      • Directed by Women Turkey Film Festival
      • Cinema Diverse Palm Springs LGBTQ+ Film Festival 
      • Genre Blast Film Festival
    • Presented her short film, Maid of Honor, at the following festivals:
      • Horsetooth Film Festival
      • Portland Comedy Film Festival
      • City of Angels Women's Film Festival
      • Topaz Film Festival
  • Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor Roma Sur (MA '01) presented her documentary film, Maa, at the Breck Film Festival. 
  • Professor Sheila Schroeder and Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor Roma Sur collaborated on Womanhood: the Seriesan anthology consisting of Schroeder's Maid of Honor and Judy, Judy, Judy, and Sur's Core. The series has been accepted to the following film festivals: 
    • LA Comedy Film Festival
    • Broad Humor Film Festival
    • New Jersey Web Fest
    • Hobnobben Film Festival
    • BRNO Film Festival
    • Venice Short Film Awards
    • Symbiotic Film Festival
    • White Unicorn International Film Festival - Best Series
  • Communications Manager Emily Schwartz: After 6 years as your MFJS communications manager, 9 years as a DU employee, and 13 years of calling the University of Denver home, I will be moving on to a new position at Boeing. It has been my absolute pleasure to work with such an amazing group of faculty and students and I look forward to staying in touch.