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LuxLit Press is the publishing venture of DU PAI. It is an intentional collaboration inside and out of prisons in the state of Colorado and beyond. LuxLit is designed to spark new understandings for people anywhere, through the publication of original materials created by people who are incarcerated. LuxLit’s mission is to cultivate relationships with authors and artists (creators) by generating spaces for education and dialogue thereby doing more than just crafting outstanding art, but seeing, supporting, and strengthening every creator we come into contact with. LuxLit publishes a wide variety of genres and platforms. This provides opportunities to produce strong literary and visual art, as well as to support previously unseen resources within the incarcerated community.

Published Texts

Through the publication of original materials created by people who are incarcerated, LuxLit Press seeks to spark new understandings. By seeing, supporting, and strengthening the luminescence of every author it comes into contact with, LuxLit strives to celebrate the work, craft, and joy of publication.


If Light Closed Its Eyes


IF LIGHT CLOSED ITS EYES is a verbatim documentary play, created from 100 interviews, exploring the criminal justice system and shared humanity. This production is performed, designed and produced by over 50 incarcerated artists, with the guidance of DU Prison Arts Initiative (DU PAI) faculty, in Sterling Correctional Facility (SCF) in the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) and is the culmination of over two and a half years of work by the creative team. 

Imagining Worlds

Imagining Worlds Anthology

Imagining Worlds: An Anthology of Plays by Artists from Colorado's Prisons is a collection of creative work selected from DU PAI's course Imagining Worlds: Reading and Writing Plays. This 12-week class served over 200 incarcerated residents in ten Colorado Department of Corrections' facilities in the summer of 2020.

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Sojourn: The Search

"Sojourn: The Search" is a year-long journal composed of daily prompts which ripple out from the theme of ‘the search.’ No pursuit is too BIG or too small to explore in these pages. No search is trivial or unwelcome here. We believe that being alive in the hopes of something yet to come is elemental to our existence as human beings. Arts in Society is a proud supporter of Sojourn.

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Tell it Slant

Tell It Slant Anthology

In this amazing book, "Tell It Slant: An Anthology of Creative Nonfiction from Colorado's Prisons," participants from ten Colorado Department of Corrections facilities contributed original essays, poems, recipes, journal articles and excerpts from memoirs.

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The Inside Report Newspaper

The Inside Report was a newspaper produced within the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) in partnership with The University of Denver Prison Arts Initiative (DU PAI) between 2018-2023. The DU PAI team collaborated with a diverse group of incarcerated individuals to develop and publish The Inside Report — sharing the voices of incarcerated writers and creating opportunities for them to speak to one another as well as the wider world

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Reverberations The Magazine

Reverberations The Magazine was a high-quality literary and visual arts magazine with engaging, thought-provoking ideas, providing a critical and creative outlet for incarcerated individuals and serving as a voice for a community of writers and scholars, artists, and visionaries, to grapple with big questions, stimulate minds and spark imaginations.

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