This interdisciplinary undergraduate minor provides students with an in-depth and substantive exposure to the politics, society and religions of the Middle East through a variety of humanities and social sciences approaches, and through study of at least one major regional language. The minor helps DU undergraduates pursuing any major to develop deeper and more nuanced understandings of the Middle East.

The Middle East Studies minor offers you broad exposure to the issues, developments and phenomena characteristic of the Middle East, along with the opportunity to establish proficiency in Arabic or Hebrew, two of the major languages of the modern Middle East. You’ll be able to use this degree to market yourself for careers in government, non-governmental organizations, and the academy.

DU’s Middle East Studies Minor Offers:

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    A broad range of courses taught by recognized experts in their fields

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    An interdisciplinary approach which gives you a three-dimensional view of the region

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    Language training and proficiency that prepares you for a global future

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Degree Requirements

To minor in Middle East Studies, students will need to complete five, four credit-hour courses, for a total of 20 credit hours, as follows:

  • Arabic 2002 and 2100 OR Hebrew 2002 and 2003, AND
  • Three content courses. Students will need to take content courses in at least two departments/schools (e.g., you cannot take all three courses from HIST)
  • Students can transfer up to 10 credit hours from appropriate study abroad courses into the minor.

Students who successfully complete the 20 credit-hour coursework requirement will have the Middle East Studies minor noted on their transcript.

Please note:

  • Students who demonstrate proficiency in Arabic or Hebrew to the 2100/2003 level will have the language course requirements waived, and instead will take five content courses.
  • Students can take no more than 4 credit hours at the 1000 level.
  • Students pursuing this minor and the Judaic Studies minor must choose the JUST minor without the Hebrew emphasis if they are using Hebrew for both minors. Students cannot double count the second-year Hebrew requirement for the MEST minor and the JUST minor with Hebrew emphasis.
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DU’s Middle East Studies minor offers in-depth exposure to the languages, politics, religion and societies of the Middle East.

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