Lamont Vision & Mission Statement


The Lamont School of Music is committed to providing excellent, innovative musical training as a premier music program in the Rocky Mountain West. Focusing on the skills and experiences essential for leading a purposeful life as a musician in the 21st century, we aspire to develop artist-citizens committed to the public good. We welcome inquisitive, talented, and ambitious students from diverse backgrounds to develop the foundations of successful careers.


  • to provide outstanding training in interpreting, creating, and teaching music
  • to implement a distinctive and flexible curriculum that supports a global and integrated conception of music
  • to sustain an environment for critical thinking about music in the liberal arts tradition
  • to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community and curriculum
  • to cultivate knowledge and skills in current and emerging music technology
  • to engage with the greater Denver community through off-campus initiatives
  • to support the development of entrepreneurship in a changing music industry
  • to develop enduring, transferable skills that apply to multiple career paths
  • to promote wellness in our musical lives and beyond


Adopted by the Faculty, April 2021