Opportunities for Non-Majors

Students pursing non-music majors may still participate in select Lamont activities. These include lessons taught by graduate teaching assistants, academic music courses, and participation in ensembles (audition required).

For those who are interested in further music involvement, we recommend considering a music minor or music as a secondary major.

It is our policy that a student may audition a maximum of three times, whether for a music major or a music minor.

Lamont student and teacher in lesson


We offer music lessons to all DU undergraduate students. Lessons are taught by graduate teaching assistants who have extensive knowledge of their instrument.

MUPR 3000-level, non-major lessons are taken for 30 minutes each week as part of a 2-credit course, which typically counts toward elective requirements.

Lamont's GTAs will be offering the following courses for 2 credits during the 2023-2024 academic year:

  • MUPR 3460 Bassoon
  • MUPR 3900 Carillon
  • MUPR 3270 Cello
  • MUPR 3600 Classical Guitar
  • MUPR 3370 Clarinet
  • MUPR 3520 Horn
  • MUPR 3660 Percussion (Classical)
  • MUPR 3661 Percussion (Drum Set)
  • MUPR 3210 Piano*
  • MUPR 3780 Saxophone 
  • MUPR 3480 Trombone
  • MUPR 3500 Trumpet
  • MUPR 3560 Tuba
  • MUPR 3230 Voice*
  • MUPR 3290 Viola
  • MUPR 3250 Violin

*Elective lessons in Piano and Voice require students to submit an interest form prior to registration. You can find the url for the form under the Course Description for the class listed in the Online Schedule of Classes.


contemporary Music

Contemporary Music Ensembles

Our contemporary music ensembles offer training and performance opportunities for a wide range of contemporary works. This challenging repertoire pushes students to explore the possibilities of what ensemble music can be.

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Lamont performance

Chamber Ensembles

At Lamont, you will have the freedom to explore all possibilities of chamber music and create a diverse combination of instrumental and vocal ensembles. We have ensembles for brass, guitar, percussion, piano, string and wind instruments.

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jazz band playing concert

Jazz Ensembles

World-class, award-winning musicians direct our big band and vocal ensembles. We regularly perform with guest artists at nationally acclaimed festivals and competitions, and we host quarterly performances on campus. 

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wind ensemble

Lamont Wind Ensemble

Lamont's wind ensemble programs have a strong history of excellence — we're a staple of the Denver classical music community and our graduates go on to careers in performance, education, administration and scholarship.

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World music ensemble rehearses

World Music Ensembles

Our world music ensembles represent cultures from around the globe, bringing the music of the Caribbean, Brazil, India and more right here to Denver.

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Lamont symphony orchestra performs at the Gates Concert Hall.

Lamont Symphony Orchestra

The award-wining Lamont Symphony Orchestra provides comprehensive and intensive training that prepares students for careers as orchestral musicians.

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Members of the cast in Il tabbaro

Lamont Opera Theatre

Lamont Opera Theatre presents fully staged operas, musicals, cabarets and concert performances.

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2019 Final Concert Lamont Choirs


As a member of one of Lamont's choirs, you can perform great repertoire, increase your musicianship and join a community that shares a passion for singing.

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Academic Music Classes

Students who are not majoring or minoring in music may still take academic music courses. Dive into American Popular Music, study musicology and Baroque music, or find out how mathematics and music interact. The courses offered vary from year to year. All courses offered may satisfy AI: Society requirements unless otherwise noted.

  • 1000-Level Courses
    • MUAC 1000 Fundamentals of Music Theory
    • MUAC 1012 Music, Society and Culture
    • MUAC 1016 History of Jazz
    • MUAC 1017 History of Rock and Roll
    • MUAC 1018 Understanding Music
    • MUAC 1019 American Popular Music
    • MUAC 1023 Mathematics in Music after 1970
    • MUAC 1024 Black Sacred Music: A Survey
    • MUAC 1025 Hip-Hop and Rap Music
    • MUAC 1026 American Musical Mavericks
    • MUAC 1027 Global Pop
    • MUAC 1028 Hearing the Movies
    • MUAC 1029 Methods of Master
    • MUAC 1211 Music Technology (cannot be used for AI: Society requirement)
  • 2000-Level Courses
    • MUAC 2052 Musicology: Medieval and Renaissance Music
    • MUAC 2053 Musicology: Baroque Music
    • MUAC 2054 Musicology: Classical Music
    • MUAC 2055 Musicology: Romantic Music
    • MUAC 2056 Musicology: Modern Music
    • MUAC 2057 Musicology: Introduction to World Musics
    • MUAC 2058 Jazz and Commercial Music History and Repertoire I (1900-1955)
    • MUAC 2059 Jazz and Commercial Music History and Repertoire II (1955-Present)
    • MUAC 2251 Contemporary Gospel Music: Religion, Culture, and the Black Church
    • MUAC 2260 Music, Race, and Ethnicity in Latin America

Get More Information

To learn how to sign up for any of these opportunities, contact Shawntisha Bailey, Lamont's Academic Advisor.

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