Resources for Current Students

We are committed to helping you achieve your language skill goals and fulfill your Common Core language learning requirements. Find out what you need to know about Common Core requirements, placement tests for undergraduates and graduates, tutoring and advising support, and how to pursue a language major.

Resources for Undergraduate Students

Common Core Language Requirements


All first-year undergraduates are required to complete the elementary sequence of a language or take one four-credit course at their level of skill. There are a few exceptions to this requirement.

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Language Placement

First-year students who are continuing in a language they have already studied will take placement testing to determine which level of classes they will take to complete their language requirement.

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First-Year Experience

Our Center is here to guide you to the language class that best suits you and support you in your study of a new language of your choosing through one-on-one tutoring.

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Our goal at the Center is to support your cultural and linguistic skills through excellent education and tutoring.

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Language Beyond the First Year

Major or Minor in a Language

Explore the world and immerse yourself in the places that inspire you with the University of Denver's programs in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures and the Department of Spanish Language, Literary & Cultural Studies. These departments support you in earning a degree that will help you thrive across borders and boundaries while you advance your language abilities. Our programs offer numerous opportunities to study abroad, discover the social and historical forces that shape cultures, and enrich your education through a double major or minor in another field.

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Other For-Credit Language Options

Along with providing the first-year language experience for students, the Center for World Languages and Cultures has three primary for-credit programs for you to explore during your First Year Experience at DU. Our three programs include online/hybrid courses, Directed Independent Language Study, and our Cultures and Languages Across Curriculum courses.

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Proficiency Testing for INTS Students

Students in the undergraduate International Studies program can take the STAMP4S assessment to fulfill their language requirement beyond the university common curriculum requirement.

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Language Advising

The Department of Languages & Literatures and the Department of Spanish Language, Literary and Cultural Studies offer placement and program advising for undergraduate students interesting in the following languages:

If you have studied a language at another institution or received a certification or assessment from an outside organization, we may be able to assist you in determining your level for DU program requirements. Please contact the CWLC for more information on equivalencies between your past program and DU's requirements. The Center for World Languages and Cultures provides advising for all other languages. Please contact the CWLC for more information.


If you are an ROTC student and taking courses in Russian, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic or Chinese, you could be eligible for compensation per credit hour. 




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Resources for Graduate Students

Proficiency Testing

Graduate students in International Studies and International and Intercultural Communication programs take the STAMP4S assessment, a computer-based assessment that measures reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Students in social sciences and humanities-focused programs, such as Art History, Anthropology, Religious Studies, English or Geography, take the Reading Proficiency Test (RPT).

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Additional Language Study Options

For Credit

Our Center offers graduates students for-credit language courses such as the Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) and our Cultures and Languages Across Curriculum (CLAC) courses. We also have regular language courses open for graduate students to take as well.

Please note that these classes do not usually count toward your graduate degree unless specified otherwise.

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For Enrichment

If you are a motivated learner interested in improving your language skills or studying a less commonly taught language, our non-credit courses may be for you. We offer students and community members to join us for evening classes that help you develop a language skill set for your personal or professional use.

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