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The Center for World Languages & Cultures offers a variety of language courses for college credit. On this page, learn about our for-credit language courses and how we help students meet their Common Curriculum requirements, prepare for study abroad experiences, and complete the language component of their majors.

The First-Year Experience

The CWLC supports undergraduates as they work to complete their Common Curriculum language requirements. From placement testing and first-year language courses to tutoring and advising, we help students navigate their language-learning needs. Students have a choice of 9 languages to fulfill the language requirement at the University of Denver: Arabic, Chinese, Italian, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, or Russian.

Common Curriculum Language Requirement 

The Common Curriculum requires that undergraduate students complete the elementary sequence of a language or take one four-credit course at their level if they place beyond the elementary sequence. The courses required to complete the common curriculum are determined by the CWLC's Language Placement Testing. IB and AP scores do not fulfill placement testing requirements. 

If you are pursuing a BFA, BSCpE, BSEE or BSME degree, you are exempt from the language requirement. Students pursuing a bachelor's of music may choose between 8 credits in one foreign language or 8 credits in Scientific Inquiry: The Natural and Physical World (SI). If you choose to take a language you have previously studied, you will need to take the placement test. If you are enrolled in a degree with one of these exemptions, please consult your major advisor for any questions about the language requirement. 

Getting Started

Language Placement Testing

First-Year students who will be continuing in a language they have already studied will take the placement test to determine which courses they need to complete their language requirement.

Take the Test

Available Languages

See what languages are available at DU and find the one that interests you the most.

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After Your First Year

Beyond your first-year experience at the Center for World Languages and Cultures, you can continue your traditional language courses in one of DU's language departments. They offer major and minor courses in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. They also offer intermediate classes in Arabic and Hebrew. 

Explore Majors and Minors with a Language Component

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Directed Independent Language Study (DILS)

The DILS program focuses on languages not traditionally taught in classrooms at DU and students design the goals of their study while working with a private Language Partner. Participation in our program helps you shape your academic and career goals, prepare for study abroad and field experience courses, enhance your application for internship experiences and cultivate rewarding intercultural relationships.

Please note that participation in our DILS program requires time and dedication. As a DILS student, you must be self-motivated and willing to assume full responsibility for your learning. As a guideline, you should spend approximately 9-12 hours per week working on DILS, including language partner meetings.

  • DILS is open to qualified undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Denver for undergraduate elective credit.
  • DILS does not fulfill the undergraduate common curriculum language requirement. Students must complete their language requirement before registering for a DILS class.
  • Undergraduates are advised to complete their first year at DU before registering for DILS.
  • DILS classes qualify for the University of Denver employee tuition waiver benefit
  • DILS set-up requires at least one quarter’s advance notice. If interested, please contact CWLC Associate Director Ethel Swartley at