Journalism in the Classroom

Courses in DU's Media, Film and Journalism Studies department embody the vision of the Estlow Center. Journalism students connect classroom learning to personal, professional and creative projects, demonstrating their dedication to journalistic responsibility, advocacy and the continual development of new media.

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DU Media

DU Media is a student multimedia outlet led by Associate Professor Christof Demont-Heinrich. Media include online shows, videos, audio, text, photography and more. Projects are featured on DU Media's social media accounts and in the Anderson Academic Library. Students can submit projects to student media competitions locally, regionally and nationally.

If you are an MFJS student and have a project idea for DU Media, reach out at and

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Featured Courses

Fact Lab

Through practical application and the exploration of ethnography and documentary approaches to communication, the course explores questions that surround the interpretation and representation of socio-cultural experience via a sonic medium. We focus on learning the techniques of nonfiction storytelling used in established public radio programs like This American Life, Radio Lab or Snap Judgement, as well as newer podcasts like Reply All, Invisibilia or Embedded. 

Data Journalism

We swim in a world of data — from election results, budgets and census reports, to Facebook updates and image uploads. Journalists need to know how to find stories in data and shape them in compelling ways. This hands-on course teaches reporters and editors to gather, analyze, and visualize interactive data-driven stories.

MFJS Reporter

Students in Professor Christof Demont-Heinrich's Newswriting and Reporting classes write news articles about current events in order to build an online newspaper called the MFJS Reporter.

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Cannabis Journalism

Conversations surrounding cannabis in American culture evolve daily, and reporting is changing with the times. DU professor Andrew Matranga created the first course solely devoted to cannabis journalism, which has gained local and national attention. Here, students covered "America's new normal" and examined the legalization of marijuana, both medical and recreational,­ in Colorado and across the country. Students engaged with industry professionals, private citizens and guest speakers as part of their research.

To learn more about the course, visit the Office of the Provost's special, search #CannabisJournalism or watch the story that aired on CBS4 Denver.

"I think that having a more responsible conversation can lead to more open conversations for the rest of the country." Kevin Bartlett, DU economics major and cannabis-journalism student
The 2018 Anvil of Freedom awards.

Multicultural Journalism

In November 2017, graduate and undergraduate students in Professor Lynn Schofield Clark's Multicultural Journalism course published a special issue of the DU student newspaper, the Clarion, focused on the racial climate at DU. Students interviewed departments and individuals across campus to produce their own articles for the extra edition, which was published in print format on November 15, 2017.

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Beyond the classroom

Student opportunities to practice journalistic excellence go beyond the classroom through initiatives such as StoryLab and Project DU F.I.L.M.


StoryLab is a student-run podcast that allows students to work on all aspects of podcasting, from proposing and researching stories through to editing and post-production.

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Project DU F.I.L.M.

Project DU F.I.L.M. gives students the opportunity to work together with alumni in the industry to create, promote and distribute films. Recognizing industry-wide inequities, we place special emphasis on populating our cast and crews with people from traditionally underrepresented groups.

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