Are you eager to explore the role that gender plays in the construction of identities and the social and political organization of society and culture? Our students unpack gender, race, sexuality, class and disability and the impact they have on our communities. Our cross-disciplinary program offers a vibrant and rigorous course of study in this important and growing field.

As you advance through the program, you'll find various opportunities for internships, awards and study abroad. Upon graduating, many students pursue graduate studies in fields such as law, social work or education. Others choose to skip the academic route and launch a career in a variety of public service or private industry roles, including health, counseling, government, community work, politics, business, social services, spiritual leadership, environment, media and the arts.

This program includes exploration of the following areas:

  • History of the varied and changing ways that societies have defined gender.
  • Theory of how Women’s Studies, Queer Studies and Gender Studies have developed.
  • Institutions and power, which examines how gender identity is constructed by social institutions such as education, the church, the family, public policy, law and the media. 
  • Intersectionality of gender identities, which recognizes that gender cannot be studied in isolation from social structures and other identities.

What Sets Us Apart

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    We reflect the vitality of recent feminist, ethnic and queer scholarship.

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    We continue the tradition of studying women's intellectual, material, artistic and spiritual contributions throughout history and in today's world.

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    We promote the inclusion of gender and women's issues throughout DU's pedagogy and curriculum, through the offering of a major and a minor as well as other campus connections, activities and special events.

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    We promote civic engagement within DU and the wider community.

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    The program partners with Lund University in Sweden to offer a unique dual-degree opportunity to extend your study abroad experience and earn a one-year MS degree in gender studies.

Degree Requirements

  • To major in gender and women's studies, students will need to complete 44 credits. These include required courses, participation in colloquium, electives and a capstone requirement, as well as a range of possible courses from History, Identity and Rhetoric, Institutions and Power, and Intersectionality. 
  • For distinction in the major, you will need to write an honors thesis, maintain a major GPA of 3.25 and a cumulative GPA of 3.0. 
  • The secondary major is 44 credit hours. 
  • The minor is 24 credit hours including GWST 1112. 

See the DU Undergraduate Bulletin for full course requirements. 


Explore the many influences of gender on our lives and communities.

We provide an inclusive atmosphere and engaging curriculum to help you refine your knowledge.

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