Our BA in philosophy offers foundations in logic and the philosophical traditions of the ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary eras. Classes cover topics from ethics and perceptions of reality to the philosophical underpinnings of science, law and video games. You'll have the chance to specialize in critical theory, critiquing systems of government, racial, gendered and colonial power structures. 

Our philosophy students often find their studies are complemented by the pursuit of a double major. The versatile thinking skills developed in philosophical studies apply to art, history, math and physics, and many philosophy majors go on to pursue law degrees after graduation. Your understanding of logic can translate into careers in information technology and other reasoning-intensive fields. Undergraduate philosophy majors tend to perform well on post-graduate exams and have high mid-career salaries, according to the Washington Post.

What Sets Us Apart

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    You'll study a balanced philosophy curriculum that dives into historical study, philosophical problem areas and applied courses.

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    Numerous former students have attended some of the country’s finest graduate and law programs, and one was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

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    The program specializes in both continental and analytic philosophy.

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Degree Requirements

  • To major in Philosophy, students complete 40–60 credits of philosophy courses above the 1000 level. These include three required courses, 12 credits above the 1000 level and 16 credits at the 3000 level. In addition, students will take PHIL 3999 online in their senior year. PHIL 3999 is a zero-credit courses that includes a post-test, survey and submitting the best paper you have written in a philosophy course.
  • Minors consist of 20 credit hours above the 1000 level.

See the DU Undergraduate Bulletin for full course requirements. 


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