Why is religion so critical to understanding contemporary culture, economics and politics? Our BA in religious studies delves into major world religions with an emphasis on how such traditions impact today's global society. World-class faculty connect the past and present with a balance of traditions, methods and theoretical approaches.

In the classroom, you'll sharpen skills in written and oral communication, research methods and problem-solving, and develop a more complex awareness of human diversity. Religious studies is an interdisciplinary field that inspires conversation across disciplines, so we encourage our students to double major. 

Beyond the classroom, you'll have opportunities to visit local community churches, mosques, synagogues and temples. By directly engaging religious communities or local non-profits, you can discover the complexity of religious identity and practice. You can also encounter world religions through study abroad opportunities in places like Austria, Chile, India, Indonesia, Israel and Turkey.

You'll graduate with an in-depth, applied knowledge of cross-cultural analytical tools. Many religious studies majors go on to graduate school in law, religious studies and related fields, while others use their skills in business, human resources, social work, government, non-profits and journalism.

Religious Studies Offers

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    Experiential learning opportunities that get you out of the classroom and into meaningful engagement with religious communities and organizations

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    Independent research in religious studies where you can hone specific areas of interest with faculty support

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    For-credit and extracurricular internships at local sites like the Abrahamic Initiative, St. Elizabeth's School, Denver Sister Cities International and more

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    Award winning faculty whose diverse interests and active research mean you'll work with scholars at the forefront of the field

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Degree Requirements

  • Majors take a minimum of 40 credits in religious studies, which include courses with experiential learning, service learning, writing and theoretical components.
  • Students may take approved courses in the study of religion taught by faculty members of other departments and are encouraged to participate in accredited international programs with religious studies content.
  • Honors students and majors demonstrating high academic achievement in the discipline may pursue "distinction in the major" by completing a thesis or customized project in consultation with a faculty member. 
  • Secondary major requirements are 40 credits (same requirements as for BA degree). The religious studies minor consists of 20 credits.

For more information about courses, degree/minor requirements and the program, visit the DU Undergraduate Bulletin.


Engage global citizenship by studying the impact of religious traditions on today's world.

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