Black Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that invites students to explore the breadth of the field. Classes provide students with in-depth exposure to the historical, cultural, political, economic and social development of the African Diaspora. Through a variety of humanities and social sciences approaches, students will explore the history and foundation of Black Studies while also building the critical thinking skills to apply what they learn to topics in a variety of disciplines. A minor in Black Studies prepares students for a global future providing them with an understanding of a key demographic of the US and world.

The minor in Black studies at DU offers:

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    Opportunities to build your understanding of the Africana and Diasporic through a wide range of perspectives and disciplines, from anthropology, economics, education, history, history of art, international studies, literature, music, political science, sociology, and writing.

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    An approach that provides you with tools to analyze the ancestries, foundations, and issues of forced or chosen migration, decolonization, political economy, anti-Black racism, institutional power, oppression, resistance, and liberation.

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    A focus on exploring communities of inquiry of the Black experiences and the African continent and Diaspora, within and beyond the University of Denver.

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    Enhancement of what you learn in your major program of study to support future graduate work and professional development.

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Degree Requirements

  • To minor in Black studies, you will need to complete 20 credits, including two required courses (BLST 2150 Introduction to Black Studies, WRIT 3600 Black Studies Capstone) and three electives.
  • Your three elective courses must come from a minimum of two departments/schools, and no more than four credit hours may be at the 1000 level.

See the DU Bulletin for a full list of electives and full degree requirements.

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