Community Connections

The EDP program makes significant contributions to DU's mission to serve as a great private university working for the public good and expands the classroom into new professional realms.

EDP faculty (individually as well as collectively) have strong track records of making engaged contributions to the community and encourage students to similarly engage through projects and internship opportunities.

Clinic for Open Source Arts

The Clinic for Open Source Arts explores, supports and celebrates local and global efforts to make free and open-source digital tools for creative expression. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute, focusing specifically on bringing women, minorities and other underrepresented communities together as contributors to the ongoing innovation and growth of these tools.


Faces projected on the Denver clock tower as part of DU EDP professor Laleh Mehran's class

Partners Through Courses

In unique classes, internships and projects, our students have worked with institutions ranging from TEDxDU, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the Denver Art Museum, Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver Public Schools and Denver Open Media.

As well, many of our students have taken internships with local nonprofits to help use their digital talents and insights for the good of the community, including:

  • working with The Living City Block to imagine ways that games can teach about sustainability
  • creating websites for specific Denver cultural communities enabling easier communications
  • designing interfaces for mobile multimedia tour guide applications
  • engaging the community in digitally enabled conversations about designing a sustainable future during the Democratic National Convention