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If you're a creative and critical thinker who wants to explore digital design, interactive art and creative technology in new ways, you should join us in the Emergent Digital Practices program. We're a group of artists, scholars and engineers contributing to new forms of media arts, both on our campus and around the world. Learn more about our degrees, people and spaces, and come join our collaborative creative community.

Degree Information

Bachelor of Arts

Our BA students explore the historical and cultural contexts of digital art and design. You'll consider how technology shapes our lives and create your own artistic contributions to the field.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts

In the BFA, you'll explore creative and digital technologies while developing your own artistic projects and sharing them in community spaces and galleries.

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4+1 BA & MA

In our 4+1 BA & MA program, you'll delve deeply into undergraduate and graduate coursework and develop a final thesis that demonstrates your knowledge to future employers. 

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Master of Arts

As an MA student, you'll synthesize digital cultural studies to create projects that incorporate new and emerging technologies while making needed interventions in artistic and public conversations.

This program is not currently accepting applications.

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Master of Fine Arts

Our MFA students create publicly-engaged art. Throughout the three-year program, you'll critically reflect on your creative practice and finish your degree with a public solo exhibition of your creative work.

This program is not currently accepting applications.

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Research and Creative Projects

Students in Action

Our students design creative projects that dream big and make the most of our design and technological resources and creative communities. Working together in our classrooms and spaces, our students use art and technology to envision new collective futures.

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Faculty in Action

Whether they're pursuing creative projects or critical scholarship, our faculty are forging new directions in digital design and creative technology, creating new possibilities for our students and our communities.

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Visiting Artists & Scholars

Our visiting artists and scholars consistently invigorate our program with new creative possibilities and approaches, offering our students and faculty different ways to engage with digital culture and with their own creativity.

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The Emergent Digital Practices program has an array of dynamic and flexible spaces infused with technology, giving students all the tools they need to make their ideas come to life. We have moved beyond the simple computer monitor and encourage spatial, mobile, visual, audible and tangible explorations.

We have resources to support your work in:

  • Open Source Software and Hardware
  • Imaging, 3D Modeling, and Animation
  • Audio, Video, and Motion Graphics
  • User Experience Design, App Design, Web Design and Development
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Wearables and Electronics
  • Interactive and Immersive Media
  • Game Design and Art Games
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Explore Your Future with Internships

Interested in discovering how your degree in EDP will make a difference in the world and your career? We encourage all of our students to pursue internships with organizations ranging from art museums to creative agencies to community organizations. All internships involve creative or artistic projects with supervision from a mentor in the field.

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Laptop Specifications

We want all of our students to be able to engage with our available technologies and software. You should check the University's recommended laptop specifications to ensure you can use your laptop effectively in your EDP coursework. Students can reliably complete their coursework using resources available in our labs. 

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