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In Emergent Digital Practices, we give our students opportunities to explore their creativity on campus and in the community. Here, you'll find resources and information you'll need as you move through your degree in EDP, including equipment checkout, internships and course information. Faculty and staff are also always here to support you, so reach out to us if you have questions.

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Coalesce Art Exhibit

Equipment Checkout

As part of the EDP community, you can support your creativity by checking out and accessing up-to-date design equipment. Whether you're working on video art, game design or an immersive installation, we have the resources you need to make your design a reality.

Checkout System


We maintain our facilities, labs, and software libraries to support production of:

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    Open Source Software and Hardware

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    Imaging, 3D Modeling and Animation

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    Audio, Video and Motion Graphics

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    User Experience Design, App Design, Web Design and Development

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    Digital Fabrication

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    Wearables and Electronics

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    Interactive and Immersive Media

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    Game Design and Art Games

Laptop Specifications

We want all of our students to be able to engage with our available technologies and software. You should check the University's recommended laptop specifications to ensure you can use your laptop effectively in your EDP coursework. Students can reliably complete their coursework using resources available in our labs.

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Explore Digital Arts In Our On-Campus Spaces

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Coalesce Exhibit.


It's important for our students to create projects and technologies that are artistically creative and also create change in our communities. Many of our students have taken internships with local nonprofits to help use their digital talents and insights for public benefit.

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