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In EDP, our graduate and undergraduate students produce innovative, boundary-bending work that incorporates diverse aspects of digital design and art. Working across a wide range of electronic and digital media, they create projects that are not only significant, future-reaching art, but are also making necessary investments and changes in our communities.

“I picked DU because I was really attracted to the Emergent Digital Practices department. It is the application of new media tools and techniques in an artistic setting.”

Maggie Mather, Student in the Emergent Digital Practices MFA

Undergraduate Student Spotlight

A screenshot of Ashley Kneemueller's video game Newscape

BA Student Creates Newscape Video Game

Ashley Kneemueller's capstone project explores and interrogates the pervasive presence of media in our lives. Kneemueller, a BA student in Emergent Digital Practices, developed a video game called Newscape; Kneemueller writes, "In Newscape the only objective is to survive for as long as you can by balancing being informed (awareness) and your capacity for dealing with negative information (stress)." 

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Still image from Eren Yazzie's film Constant Flux; image courtesy of Myhren Gallery

BFA Student Explores Identity Through Film

Eren Yazzie, a BFA student in Emergent Digital Practices, developed a seven-minute film, "Constant Flux," which explores Yazzie's identity as a human. Yazzie writes, "If I have the power to make my own life–draw my existence out, then I want to live a life of fluidity, of adaptability, or symbiosis with Dr. Little Bear’s notion of 'my/our relations.'"

EDP Major Turns Passion For Games Into A Career

As a BA student in EDP, Sterling Foster explored a passion for video games and looks forward to a career in the field. Foster says, "I love the narrative of games and putting myself in the characters’ shoes. I believe games have the potential to teach and get players thinking about social issues." 

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"What greatly shaped my work during my time in EDP was that I decided to take a video and projection mapping class with Laleh Mehran who is a master with video art. What sparked my career in live performance was the class Expanded Cinema with Trace Reddell."

Travis Powell, BFA, '17

Graduate Student Spotlight

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DU Student Emilie Trice Builds Virtual Worlds

In a rapidly digitizing world, Emilie Trice saw a wealth of opportunity in new technologies for creative forms and means of expression. So when she discovered the MA in Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver, she knew that she had found her way into an even more intricate world of art.

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Cherish Marquez
Gaming as a Call to Action

Cherish Marquez, an MFA candidate in Emergent Digital Practices, uses 3D world fabrication to immerse her viewers in cultural, historical and political journeys of exploration.

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Rodger Luo
DU Alumnus Transforms Art and Technology with AI

The EDP program at the University of Denver helped Jieliang “Rodger” Luo (MA '13) develop artistic and technical backgrounds necessary to understand creatives’ needs and create new solutions with up-to-date technology.

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Our Students Collaborate With Our Communities

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