Research & Creative Projects

Our students and faculty produce independent and collaborative projects that explore new possibilities arts and technologies. We take a critical approach to technology, seeking to understand its impact on culture, politics and social relationships so that we can build better futures. Students and faculty in EDP produce work in a broad range of media including interactive art, art games and sonic arts.

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Students in Action

Our undergraduate and graduate students produce creative projects including video art, wearables, site-specific installations, digital fabrication and more. Their work has appeared in galleries and has been used by businesses and nonprofits around the world.

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Faculty in Action

Our faculty create research and art that explores digital culture, creative programming, interactive installation, animation, video games and more. They're sharing their creative and scholarly approaches with students in the classroom, in EDP labs and workspaces, and through partnerships with the community.

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Visiting Artists & Scholars

EDP brings visiting artists and scholars to DU who share expertise with our students. Through these partnerships, the DU community learns about visiting artists' and scholars' work in animation, digital prints, representation and subjectivity, experimental music and more.

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