The artist diploma in performance is ideal for talented, passionate musicians determined to pursue careers as solo performers. With a minimum of academic requirements, students in the artist diploma program study one-on-one with faculty and enjoy a wealth of performance opportunities.

In this highly competitive program, artist diploma students serve as role models for their fellow students and peers. They also participate in appropriate large and small ensembles as assigned, often assuming a leadership position.

About the Program

Audition Requirements

In addition to submitting the graduate application, applicants to the artist diploma program must have a valid high school diploma and must satisfy the following audition requirements:

  1. Pre-screening: submit a 25-minute unedited performance video.
  2. Live audition (if passed through the pre-screening): perform a closed mini-recital and interview. Candidate will give a live mini-recital, closed to public, of 30 to 35 minutes in length. Candidates must provide accompanists when necessary. We will not accept recorded auditions for this round. 

Both the pre-screening audition video and the live audition should consist of a program that accurately represents the full scope of your abilities.

Some performance areas have specific audition repertoire for Artist Diploma. For more information, visit your studio's page:

Degree Requirements

The artist diploma in performance from Lamont is a two-year program consisting of 27 credit hours. In addition to fulfilling credit requirements, students in the program must perform in three juried recitals and participate in the Lamont Honors Competitions (concerto and chamber music) at least once during enrollment in the program.


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