Lamont Suzuki String Lessons

The Suzuki Pedagogy Program at Lamont is pleased to offer Suzuki instruction in violin, viola and cello. Lessons are offered by Lamont students enrolled in the two-year Suzuki masters and certificate programs. Individual lessons form the core of this program, but it is supplemented with group activities as well.

Suzuki instruction seeks to nurture the whole child through a high quality, child-friendly approach. Young beginners learn with the help of a parent or home practice partner so that effective learning can take place with preschoolers. Older beginners or transfer students are also welcome to enroll. 

All parents are given the information and assistance that is necessary to form a positive learning triangle. At the beginning of lessons, some of the instruction time may be used to cover these necessary topics.


Lesson Groups

  • Pre-School/Pre-Twinkle

    Students joining this group are generally 3 to 5 years old. Students receive ten 30-minute lessons per academic quarter as well as the opportunity to join in group lessons with Primavera Place.

    Areas of focus: listening, singing, rhythm activities, physical setup of technique and learning pre-twinkle pieces. These skills are learned in an age appropriate manner with movement and games.

  • Grade School Pre-Twinkle

    Students in this group, generally 6 to 10, learn the same skills as the younger Pre-Twinklers, but the approach and pace are adapted to their age. Students receive ten 30-minute lessons per academic quarter as well as the opportunity to join in group lessons with Primavera Place.

  • Transferring Suzuki and Traditional Students

    Students who have received previous instruction in this method as well as students who began learning with a non-Suzuki instructor are welcome to enroll with Lamont Suzuki Pedagogy instructors.



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Lamont Suzuki string lessons are taught by highly trained string players who are pursuing professional pedagogical training in the Suzuki method of education. The instructors are under the direct supervision of Lamont’s Suzuki Pedagogy faculty, Laura Schleiger, violin and Heather Hadley, cello.

The Lamont Suzuki Pedagogy program provides practicum classes for Lamont students enrolled in the master of music in Suzuki pedagogy (violin or cello), as well as the Suzuki pedagogy certificate program for both instruments.


Laura Schleiger

Laura Schleiger

Adjunct Faculty, Suzuki Violin

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Heather Hadley with cello

Heather Hadley

Adjunct Faculty, Suzuki Cello

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