"Hunting Season"

Set in small-town Wyoming where bars have been known to turn into dance halls and strip clubs during hunting season, this was planned as the third short film produced under Project DU F.I.L.M. However, after working with students to cast, costume, art direct and table read the film, it was shut down twice by COVID. The film was written by Professor Sheila E. Schroeder and featured seven local actors including DU theatre alumni. It interrogates toxic masculinity and its impact on women, children and people of color.

Photo: Before being shut down by COVID over 30 students and community members contributed to the development of the short film Hunting Season. This picture was taken at the cast and crew table read.

students filming

Learning By Doing

Part of Project DU F.I.L.M.'s mission is to create material used for educational purposes. In spring, 2020, students used footage shot on location in Larkspur, CO to create teasers and openers for "Hunting Season." Here is a sampling of that work. Educators and students can also download raw footage from two scenes from "Scary Lucy" to edit.

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Student-Created Trailers

"Hunting Season" Trailer by Jack Trembath
"Hunting Season" Trailer by Jack Trembath
  • Team
    • Sheila E. Schroeder, Writer/Director/Producer
    • Oanh Le, Producer
    • Angela B. Forster, Production Designer
    • Lauren Asselin, Costumes
    • Sara Bacon-Maldonado, Production Design Assistant
    • Sami Lobato, Production Design Assistant
    • Kat Moulton, Assistant Producer
    • Emily Goldberg, Assistant Producer
    • Jessica McGaugh, Cinematographer
    • Hayley Knoph, 2nd Assistant Camera
    • Kelsey Briding, Hair and Makeup
    • Taylor Kaufman, Assistant Director
    • Ronnie Cheng, Production Assistant
    • Mary Marcontell, Production Assistant
    • Chandler Fairbanks, Production Assistant
    • Lizzie Stacks, Production Assistant
    • Dominique Holiday, Production Assistant
    • Olivia McCann, Production Assistant
    • Lauryn Butler, Production Assistant
    • Alston Phu, Production Assistant
hunting season laurels

  • hunting season

    “Hunting Season” is the third film from Project DU F.I.L.M.

  • Project DU F.I.L.M. participant films an actor in the car.

    “Hunting Season” cinematographer, Jessica McGaugh, captures this shot while on location in Larkspur, CO. Production on the rest of the film is slated for summer, 2021. 

  • hunting season

    Robin Zavala stars as Samantha Rios, a comedian who finds herself caught in the crosshairs during hunting season in Wyoming. 

  • hunting season

    The stark winter landscape of Larkspur, CO stands in for Wyoming in the upcoming Project DU F.I.L.M. short “Hunting Season.” 

  • Angela prepares props for a scene.

    Production Designer and mentor, Angela Forster, sorts props for “Hunting Season.” 

  • hunting season

    The “Hunting Season” short script has garnered nine festival acceptances.