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1DAY4DU: CAHSS Summer Internship Fund

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College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

CAHSS Dean's Office

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Every May, 1DAY4DU encourages the DU community to make a difference in the lives of our students. From new faculty-led programs and initiatives that support students to a diverse range of research that impacts the wider world, your help allows us to further broaden the resources we can provide. 

Our goal will always be to care for our immediate and extended communities and for the organizations that mean something to us, individually and collectively, through these projects.

This year CAHSS has four projects that we are excited to include for 1DAY4DU 2022!

CAHSS Summer Internship Fund

Internships give students a head start on their career while enabling them to make a real difference in communities. We see internships and jobs as extensions of classroom learning — across the globe or in the local Denver area, you put theory into practice.

The CAHSS Internship Fund supports students who are pursuing internships for credit and helps to offset the cost of tuition for these credits. This is particularly helpful for students who undertake internships that are unpaid, or work directly with not-for-profit organizations.

Learn More About Our Project

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Please join us for 1DAY4DU on May 18, 2022!

Use the link below to learn more and give. After you select "Give Now" on the page linked below, you will be able to choose "CAHSS Internship Fund" from the dropdown menu.

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