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5 Reasons to Spend the Summer With CAHSS

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Jordyn Reiland

Content and Communications Manager

Jordyn Reiland

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Sturm Hall

As the weather turns warmer and the end of the spring semester is in sight, now is the time for University of Denver students to make plans for where — and how — they will spend their summer months.

For some that might include a job or internship, spending time with friends and family, or traveling abroad. No matter where you end up, summer courses can still be a part of those plans — and we think they should.

Here are five reasons why you should consider taking a class with the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHSS) this summer.

Remote/asynchronous classes – live anywhere and have a job or internship

Summertime for many students means working or having an internship, oftentimes outside of the state, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take CAHSS classes.

In fact, most of the classes offered during the summer are online and/or asynchronous — meaning you can work during the day or part-time and complete the courses you sign up for on your own time.

“You can be at home, saving money on rent or being with family, and still get ahead and take classes,” said Paula Adamo, associate dean for academic planning and student success at CAHSS and a teaching professor in the Department of Spanish Language, Literary & Cultural Studies.

Catch up on credits or get ahead

Whether you were unable to take a particular class during the school year or are interested in taking on a double major, minor or certificate, summer is a great time to explore these opportunities.

“When you’re able to take summer classes it frees up a little bit of the mental burden or stress of having to take certain classes at certain times,” Adamo said. “It also gives you the additional flexibility to take classes that excite you and intrigue you.”

Taking summer courses also allows you to build upon your credits and boost your resume, which ultimately can propel your career in the right direction upon graduation.

Speaking of graduation, if your goal is to graduate early then taking summer classes is a great place to start.

Generally smaller class sizes

Summer courses generally have fewer students than if the same class was offered during the school year, which can provide several advantages for students.

Whether the class is on campus or online, a smaller class size allows every student to participate in the classroom discussion and have greater involvement in the material itself.

Smaller class sizes also allow both the students and the instructor to get to know each other better. This provides the opportunity for more support and individualized attention if needed.

Enjoy the beauty that is Denver in the summer

If we’re being honest, Denver is beautiful any time of the year but there’s just something special about the Mile High City in the summer.

Because there is more sunlight during the day over the next several months, taking classes — whether they be online or in person — doesn’t necessarily feel as consuming compared to the fall or winter quarters when the days are shorter.

Spending the summer months on a college campus also has a very unique feel. The DU campus is much quieter – giving you the chance to enjoy your favorite spots with far fewer lines and less crowds.

It also allows you to explore outside of campus and perhaps go somewhere you’ve never been. Whether that be checking out a new exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, shopping at a local farmers’ market, seeing a show at the Paramount Theatre, or catching a Colorado Rockies game, there’s endless amounts of fun and entertainment to keep you busy.

More than 80 classes available 

Summer also provides students an opportunity to take classes that may not otherwise be offered during the school year. There are dozens of CAHSS classes offered this summer, with options on campus, online synchronous, online asynchronous, as well as advanced seminars and classes fulfilling analytical inquiry and scientific inquiry requirements and more.

Here are just a few of the many unique courses offered this summer:

• JAPN 1216 Popular Culture of Japan 

• ASEM 2620 Inventing America 

• GWST 2215 Selling Sex and Gender 

• MUAC 1025 Hip-Hop and Rap Music 

• HIST 1370 Monks, Merchants, and Monsters 

• ENGL 1110 Literary Inquiry: Sci Fi in Literature and Film 

Don’t wait, make your plans now 

Summer is a great time to be part of CAHSS.  

Not only can you take classes on campus, but you also have the flexibility to take online courses that are at your own pace, class sizes will be smaller and you have the chance to catch up on credits or get ahead.

Classes begin throughout the summer but register soon to get your upcoming schedule booked.

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