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The Best of 2019

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Nicole Militello

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Nicole Militello

A look back at DU’s most popular stories

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Best of 2019

As we say goodbye to 2019, let’s take a look back at some of the most-read stories of the year.

Best of 2019

University News

Chancellors Chopp and Haefner

A Chancellor Change

In 2019, the University of Denver said farewell to Chancellor Rebecca Chopp and welcomed Jeremy Haefner as DU’s 19th chancellor. The announcement of Chopp's departure was the DU Newsroom’s most read story of the year. To read more about Chopp’s legacy and Haefner’s vision for DU click here.

Runner Up: University of Denver Moves to “Test-Optional” Admission Process


Research Stories

Is it OK to Smoke Weed While Pregnant?

DU psychology professor Pilyoung Kim’s study on cannabis and pregnancy was our most-read research story of the year. With funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Pilyoung is one year into her study on the impacts of cannabis on mothers and their babies. Her research was featured on news stations across the country.

Runner Up: University of Denver Research Reveals Economic Impacts of Paid Family Leave in Colorado


Faculty & Staff Stories


Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

DU Newsroom’s story featuring eight of DU’s Native and indigenous faculty members was our most-read faculty feature in 2019. The eight women share their experiences of being a Native academic, the importance of bringing Native women together at DU and how their journey has shaped the work they do today.

Runner Up: Q&A: Ahead of the Marade and Women’s March, DU Professor Discusses Power of Marches


Student Stories

Once homeless, sociology senior looks forward to putting her DU degree to work

Readers’ favorite student article of 2019 was the story of Tiffany Christian. She spent her younger years in different schools, sleeping on the streets and serving some time in jail, but she didn’t let those moments define her. She graduated from DU earlier this year with a degree in sociology and minor in communication. Read more about her story here.

Runner Up: With AI, DU Freshman Looks to End Mass Shootings


Athletics Stories

DU Skier Amelia Smart

Smart Leads Ski Team in Pursuit of Next Title

The top sports article of 2019 was DU skier Amelia Smart’s story of determination. The two-time NCAA Individual Champion shared her goals for the team ahead of the March 2019 national championships.  Read her full story here.

Runner Up: Culture of Confidence Radiates Within DU Gymnastics


Alumni Stories

Q&A: Navin Dimond On His Family’s $5 Million Gift to the University of Denver

DU Alumnus Navin Dimond shared why his family decided to make a $5 million gift to the University of Denver for the Dimond Family Residential Village. Dimond told the DU Newsroom why he chose the University for graduate school and what inspired him to give back after he graduated.

Runner Up: Meet Colorado’s New Poet Laureate


DU Field Notes Series

In 2019, the DU Newsroom launched a new series called DU Field Notes to introduce readers to the world outside campus by exploring Denver and beyond. The article and videos highlighted the best of the DU area from the best hikes near campus, best places to relax with a book and alumni-owned restaurants. Here are some of your favorites:

Best of 2019: DU Field Notes


■ DU Field Notes: Alumni-Owned Restaurants

■ DU Field Notes: The DU Bucket List

■ DU Field Notes: Best Stops Using Light Rail/Transit