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An Internship with Colorado Public Television

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Media, Film & Journalism Studies

Internships Update, Winter 2019

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Every quarter, students from all majors within the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies set off into the world for internships. An internship is required for journalism and strategic communication majors, recommended for media studies and film studies & production majors, and a popular capstone option for our two graduate programs: the MA in media & public communication and the MA in international & intercultural communication. Students can sign up for internship credit in any quarter, but many choose to fulfill the requirement during summer break to allow for a more flexible work schedule and to explore opportunities outside of Denver.

In winter 2019, we featured Chelsea Hernandez's internship with Colorado Public Television Channel 12.

Chelsea Hernandez at her intership with Colorado Public Television

My name is Chelsea Hernandez and I am a senior double major in journalism and criminology. I am currently working as a media intern with Colorado Public Television Channel 12. I have been here for almost a month and I absolutely love all the experiences I have been given thus far.

I've had the pleasure of being the associate producer of a show called "Colorado Inside Out," which is the longest running public affairs program in Colorado (27 years). The best part of this is that my name has been on the credits when the show airs and that has been really exciting! I've been learning how to use the teleprompter, talk to the set director through a microphone and do other things in the control room.

I've also enjoyed working alongside Dominic Dezzutti, the host of multiple TV programs with the station, including "Colorado Inside Out." He has given me lots of advice about the industry and every day I learn something new. Together, he and I work to write the script of the show and that's been completely new for me. I'd never thought about script writing before, but I've come to realize that I really enjoy it!

In addition to the production aspects, I've also been going to interview shoots. I've had opportunities to see what goes on behind the scenes of an interview and how camera equipment works. I've also been shadowing floor directors and lighting crew.

This internship is very hands-on and I'm learning a great deal just by being around some of the most respected people in the Colorado entertainment industry.