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Alyssa Hurst

DU's new podcast, RadioEd, is available now, wherever you listen

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RadioEd is a biweekly podcast created by the DU Newsroom that taps into the University of Denver’s deep pool of bright brains to explore new takes on today’s top stories.


The Women's March: Reigniting Resistance

Four years after the first Women’s March drew the largest protest crowd in U.S. history, women are still turning to civil resistance to protect their rights. But the protest has drawn its fair share of criticism too, with many asking, “What’s the point?” Marie Berry, a self-described scholar-activist studying movements around the globe, shares her take on the march’s successes, its place among a broader push for women’s rights and what it means from a global perspective.

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The Grammys: How to Make a Hit

The Grammy Awards crown the music industry’s top artists, songs and performances. We wanted to know: What makes a song good? What makes it Grammy-worthy? And are those the same thing? Recording engineer and music professor Matt Legge tells us what he’s learned from working with Taylor Swift, Peter Frampton and more.

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The Super Bowl: The Brain on Football

Beyond all the fanfare of the Super Bowl, football players face the harsh reality that they are one tackle away from a traumatic brain injury. Clinical psychology professor Kim Gorgens shares the truth about the devastating impacts of brain injuries, what this research means for youth football, and the surprising connection between brain injuries and the criminal justice system.

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