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Meet First-Generation Faculty Member Paige Lloyd

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College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Mentor in the CAHSS First-Generation Student Mentorship Program

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Paige Lloyd

As a first-gen college student, Paige Lloyd, PhD, understands the role of a mentor. She recognizes the importance of helping others understand the ins and out of academia and, willing to share her expertise, values working closely with students in her field. Dr. Lloyd studied psychology at Wittenberg University and earned her MA and PhD at Miami University. She is an assistant professor in the department of psychology at DU, where she investigates the determinants and consequences of person perception, emphasizing implications for social inequality and discrimination. Dr. Lloyd has published articles such as “Black and White lies: Race-based biases in deception judgments,” “Good cop, bad cop: Participant race moderates mental representations of police,” and “Gender stereotypes explain disparities in pain care and inform equitable policies.” In her spare time, Dr. Lloyd enjoys hiking with her dog Bijou, painting, and solving mysteries (e.g., escape rooms and Nancy Drew computer games).